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Martial Arts


Sapay Martial Arts | 807-468-3843
Facebook: Sapay Martial Arts School

How to register: Mass registration or email

Tiny Tigers

Students will develop improved movement skills, coordination, balance, agility and accuracy by working on individual and group challenges. Class leaders help students learn about focus, taking turns and working with others. Skills are developed through the use of movement oriented games, hand and foot activities to improve coordination and accuracy, and obstacle challenges for agility. Ages 3-4 years.

Dragons Karate

Students develop strong hand-eye and footwork skills and learn to remember short movement sequences to improve balance, agility and coordination. Students learn about age-appropriate safety skills, the importance of good habits, strategies to improve focus and how to work alone and in groups. Basic karate skills are taught to develop coordination and accuracy. Students also get to challenge obstacle courses, memory exercises and skill-building games and are invited to participate in local and regional karate gatherings and competitions. Ages 5-8 years.

Junior Karate

Students learn about the importance of exercise and good eating habits as part of creating a healthy lifestyle. Bully- safe and age-appropriate personal safety skills are taught and practiced in carefully supervised training activities. Students learn movement sequences to improve balance, coordination, agility and focus; and have the opportunity to present their skills for achievement awards. Karate students learn about goal-setting, communication skills and the qualities of being a good leader and team member. Ages 9-13 years.

Senior Karate

Senior Karate is a program of progressive development in personal fitness, movement skills, personal safety strategies and goal setting. As a goal setting challenge, students are encouraged to work together, and as individuals, to learn, develop and demonstrate proficiency in a wide variety of strength, endurance, balance, coordination and agility skills. Striking, kicking, footwork and movement drills are used to improve coordination, balance, agility and accuracy. Personal safety skills are taught through the application of awareness, verbal and physical skills. Students have the opportunity to participate in contact activities, where appropriate and according to each individual’s comfort level. Ages 13 years and older.