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Instructional Classes

The Kenora Recreation Centre offers a variety of fitness classes each month led by certified instructors.  Be sure to check the Group Fitness Schedule for changes each month and new pop up classes offered.

Monthly Instructional Group Fitness

50+ Strong

Whether you are new to fitness or have been working out for years, the 50+ class series will help you strengthen muscles, improve cardio, balance and cognitive abilities. Come join us!


A combination style class incorporating Qigong and Yang style Tai Chi. Reduces stress and improves overall health.  Intermediate and novice/beginner sessions offered.

Body Sculpt

Shape and strengthen while challenging your body’s power and endurance with 45 minutes of muscle sculpting.

Spin N Core

Get a solid 45 minutes of spin followed by core work.


Designed for MAXIMUM calorie burn in the shortest amount of time. We want to get you fit, get you healthy, challenge your mind, challenge your body!


Combines high energy and motivating music with unique combinations that allow participants to free their worries. It is based on the principle that a workout should be “Fun and easy to do”.

Kids Fitness

Exercise your body and fuel your mind, while getting fit and having FUN for ages 7 – 13!


Tabata style strengthening using compound moves throughout your workout getting that heart rate up!!! With a nice flow to get that heart rate back down!


Push your cardio limits, Push your muscle power, and Push your limits. This personal best class will work on something different each Friday!


This beginner level dance class will help you build confidence, make you sweat and have fun. Learn the basic isolation’s and movements of dance to upbeat hit songs with instructional tips to make you feel like a true dancer. No experience needed! Bring your heels to increase the fun!

Strong 101

Back to the basics!  Using various tools, we will run through a total body workout and strengthen ourselves head to toe.

MOVE n Stretch

Pumped up music and funky moves will drive you to groove to your own fitness level and then enjoy an extended stretch at the end. This class is guaranteed to make you sweat and smile 🙂

1 min @ a Time

You can do anything for a min! Strength moves, cardio moves, core moves, power moves, – get your cross training here 1 min at a time!


Combines high energy and motivating music with unique moves and combinations that allow the Zumba participants to dance away their worries. It is based on the principle that a workout should be “Fun and easy to do”.

Kickin’ Core

Kickbox for half the class, work your core for the other half! Cardio and strength packed into one solid hour of fun.

Total X-Haust

High intensity total body workout using a variety of formats. Exhaust your endurance, strength, balance & core. Be prepared to work! All levels welcome.

Yoga Dance

Hands free yoga movements (standing, seated or laying) combined with dance cardio for fun flow class.

X Train

Focusing on high repetition movements to improve cardiovascular endurance and quickly produce lean muscle conditioning.


A dynamic flowing full body workout that combines stretching and strengthening. This class will increase flexibility, strength and mobility for a healthy, toned and pain – free body.

Interval Mix

Using a variety of interval formats, mix up your cardio and toning and get your mid-week cross training done over lunch!

Warrior Flow

Feel strong and refreshed through this yoga movement class. Building up your leg and core strength with this practice. We will flow between traditional poses with creative movement. This flow will challenge and build up your stability, balance and strength. Ending class with delicious hip openers and guides to relaxation.

Yoga Sculpt

Yoga sculpt has a strong focus on strength and intensity.  Unlike your typical yoga class, you will use body weight movements and resistance bands to get stronger and build endurance.  What makes it Yoga is the focus on the breath, and the balance of body, mind, and heart.

Special Classes

  • Essentrics & Pilates

    Essentrics & Pilates

    with Sharron Struk

    November 7-28
    5:30 pm
    Rotary Room