Speed Radar Signs

Please be advised that speed radar signs are now in place around the City of Kenora. The locations have been strategically selected based on concerns from citizens regarding vehicles speeding in their neighbourhoods.

The speed radar signs are intended to inform motorists of their rate of speed, alerting them to slow down if travelling over the posted speed limit. Licenced drivers are responsible for the safe operation of their vehicle, which includes following posted speed limit signs.

The speed radar signs DO NOT take photos and DO NOT track or record licence plate information. The signs DO track and record the speed of each passing vehicle.

The City will be utilizing the compiled data to better assess traffic and parking regulations, road development and configuration, and to assess speed limits and community safety zones. The City will also notify the O.P.P. of areas of concern with persistent speeding, allowing them to add increased enforcement in those areas.

The speed radar signs are also equipped with geo-tracking devices. The devices alert City staff to any unauthorized movement of the signs and allow the signs to be returned to their intended location. If the signs are removed by anyone other than City staff, the parties responsible for their theft will be dealt with accordingly.

The City thanks the public for their cooperation.