Change of Recycle Collection Method

Please be advised effective August 1, 2019, the City of Kenora will no longer accept recycle items placed in plastic bags at curbside and the Transfer Station.

At curbside, all items must be placed loosely in a Blue Box, bin, tote, or other suitable container.  Items in a plastic bag will not be collected. Residents may find that bagged recycle items will be left behind with an attached note explaining the collection change. Residents are encouraged to flatten and crush items to create more room in the Blue Box. Multiple Blue Boxes may be used if needed.

All recycle items must be washed and cleaned before placing in the Blue Box or dropping off at the Transfer Station.

Cascade Recovery Inc., where Kenora’s recycle items are sent to be processed, has requested this change. Plastic bags get caught in the recycle processing equipment designed for loose material. The bags trap good items and increase the amount of comingle sent to the landfill instead of being recycled. The City of Kenora will be forced to pay a tipping fee to Cascade Recovery Inc. for any loads of comingle containing plastic bags or items that are not acceptable, or worse, lose the privilege to process recycle items at their facility.

The City appreciates your participation in the Blue Box program and all efforts to divert waste from the landfill.