Kenora Recreation Centre Day Parking Enforced

Kenora Recreation Centre Lots 5 & 7 Parking Enforcement Effective May 31, 2019

Please be advised that effective May 31st, 2019, day time parking in Lots 5 & 7 will be enforced.

As per the City of Kenora Traffic By-law 180-2015 and Parking and Structure By-law 82-2018 the following will come into effect as of May 31st, 2019:

Lot 5 & 7 $5.00 per day – purchase at ticket machine or through Hotspot App
Monthly – $75.00 – purchase at Kenora Recreation front desk
Lot 5 Vehicles with trailers only permitted
Lot 7 Vehicles in excess of 6.7 meters not permitted unless Lot 5 is full
No overnight parking between 2:00 am and 6:00 am in Lots 5 & 7

Lot 6 Overnight parking only – Vehicles in excess of 6.7 meters permitted
Nightly: $7.00 plus applicable taxes
Weekly: $35.00 plus applicable taxes
Monthly: $130.00 plus applicable taxes
Seasonal: $390.00 plus applicable taxes

Overnight parking vouchers can be purchased at the Kenora Recreation front desk, and must be placed face up on the vehicle front dashboard.  Additionally, overnight passes are available for purchase through the Hotspot App.

Josh Nelson, Tourism & Recreation Division Lead (807) 467-2986

Public Docking and Parking Lot Uses

When choosing to moor or dock your boat at a public dock, be sure to take notice of the sign posted. Each public docking zone has specific conditions for boaters to follow, ensuring all residents and visitors have access to this docking. There may be a maximum time limit, loading/unloading time limit, or a permit required.

As well parking lots at each of the public docking zones have rules and regulations. Overnight parking is only allowed at Keewatin Memorial Arena and Kenora Recreation Centre. Permits for overnight parking can be purchased at Kenora Recreation Centre. For long term parking options, contact City Hall 807-467-2000.

Additional City staff have been assigned to closely monitor both the docking and parking lots to ensure the time limits and permitted uses are being followed. Fines and penalties, including towing of a boat, will be imposed to those who do not follow the posted signage for both the docks and parking lots.

By-law 49-2016 provides details of specific conditions for each of the City owned public docks and launches, and details are posted here in Public Docking.  Parking lot information is posted in Parking.