Kenora Recreation Centre Plans Mock Evacuation

Tomorrow, the City of Kenora will carry out a mock evacuation of the Kenora Recreation Centre. The evacuation test is scheduled to take place on August 29th between 10:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m.

During the mock evacuation, those who are in attendance at the Kenora Recreation Centre will be asked to participate in following emergency procedures to clear the building when the alarm sounds. This mock evacuation will test the effectiveness of our evacuation procedures to make sure we are prepared during a real emergency.

Residents can expect to see emergency first responders, police, fire, and medical agencies respond with lights activated and various groups of people gathered outside of the building.

“It’s important that from time-to-time Recreation staff test the effectiveness of their evacuation plan to help ensure that staff are prepared in the event that a real evacuation is required,” says Stace Gander, Manager of Community Services.

Fire and Emergency Services Manager Todd Skene says, “This mock evacuation is part of the City of Kenora’s efforts to ensure that our staff are committed to emergency preparedness, are well trained, and that the public are safe in the event of a disaster or emergency. This is not only important for City building and facilities, but it is also important for all residents to have a plan and be prepared. Knowing what to do in a crisis is critical. Mock exercises allow us to be better prepared and set an example for our residents to adopt emergency preparedness at home.”

The safety of our residents and City staff is a priority for the City of Kenora; practice drills are essential to meeting that goal and supporting our commitment to preparedness.