KDSB extends support agreements with Kenora Fellowship Centre

KDSB extends support agreements with Kenora Fellowship Centre

Through its Community Homelessness Prevention Initiative, the Kenora District Services Board (KDSB) is extending existing financial support agreements with the Kenora Fellowship Centre to continue meeting the need of providing meals to homeless and vulnerable people in Kenora.

In June of 2018, the KDSB and the Kenora Fellowship Centre entered into a service agreement that supported the Fellowship Centre in the temporary increase of resources to expand its current meal programming. This increase was needed to offset the gap in meal service provisions due to the Agape Table ending its programming in May as renovations were underway at Knox United Church, allowing for a permanent 24/7 Emergency Shelter.

The construction and renovations at Knox United Church are coming along well, however; there have been unforeseen setbacks with the development, and as a result, the opening of the new emergency shelter and support programs will be delayed until January 2019. “The KDSB is very happy to continue this service agreement with the Kenora Fellowship Centre,” says Henry Wall, Chief Administrative Officer of the KDSB. “Through this partnership and their generous commitment in continuing to offer expanded meal programming, it will ensure that homeless and vulnerable people in Kenora will continue to have meals available.”

“We are thankful to KDSB for the opportunity to continue our services to those facing homelessness and poverty in this time of transition. It greatly reduces the patron’s uncertainty in regards to meal provisions and having a place of safety,” says Yvonne BearBull, Executive Director of the Kenora Fellowship Centre. The Fellowship Centre will maintain its expanded meal programming until January 31, 2019, or until renovations are completed for the permanent 24/7 Emergency Shelter, which includes meal programming. Meal programming at the Fellowship Centre is as follows: Lunch services are offered six days a week, Monday – Saturday; breakfast services are offered seven days a week and; dinner services are offered weekly on Thursday.

Joint Press Release – Support extended for Kenora Fellowship Centre