LOWDH Announces Approval of All Nations Hospital Project

January 15, 2019
Media Release

Lake of the Woods District Hospital Ministry Approves Planning of All Nations Hospital Project

We are very pleased to announce that the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC) has given approval to proceed with the first phase of planning for the All Nations Hospital project. The current hospital was first established in 1929, with six new additions constructed over time, and is in urgent need of replacement. Funding to support this extensive planning initiative was previously approved by the MOHLTC in 2017.

“We are truly excited to begin planning this long-awaited project that is so important for the communities and Indigenous Peoples we serve” remarked LWDH Board Chair Wendy Cuthbert. “We look forward to working with our partners, Indigenous Peoples, staff, physicians, Kenora and surrounding communities to ensure their ideas inform our new facility”.

The concept of an All Nations Hospital began when KCA Chiefs, Elders and health directors visited an All Nations Hospital model in Fort Qu’Appelle Saskatchewan in 2011 and developed a vision of having a similar model in Kenora. Knowing this could not be done alone, KCA Chiefs created partnerships and relationships with Governments, the North West LHIN, LWDH, Grand Council Treaty 3, City of Kenora, Municipality of Sioux Narrows/ Nestor Falls and the local All Nations Health Partners to advocate and push this vision forward. The timing was right as the LWDH wanted to plan for a new facility, so the partnership began. Chief Chris Skead on behalf of the KCA Chiefs remarked “Today is a proud day for all of us involved to announce we are beginning the planning process. This is proof that by working together in partnership we can achieve great things and make positive change in the health outcomes for everyone. We say Miigwetch to our Elders Council and Ogichidaa Francis Kavanaugh for all their support and leadership, and say Miigwetch and acknowledge all the hard work of the CEO, staff and the board of directors at the Lake of the Woods District Hospital”.

The first phase of planning will occur over the next 24 months and will be conducted in partnership between the Lake of the Woods District Hospital and the Kenora Chiefs Advisory. A project steering committee reporting to the Hospital Board will be established shortly to oversee the project. It will include representation from the Board, City of Kenora, Grand Council Treaty #3, Kenora Chiefs Advisory, Kenora Metis Council, the community, medical staff and hospital staff. This reflects the spirit of being inclusive, while respecting an All Nations approach, and the importance of the All Nations Hospital serving within the context of an All Nations health care system.

Public involvement coupled with partner and staff/physician insight will be essential in planning a modern campus that will meet needs, be culturally sensitive to Indigenous Peoples and values and be designed to improve health outcomes well into the future. It must also be planned in a manner that creates a healing environment for patients and a healthy work setting for staff, while demonstrating environmental stewardship. Once the project manager and planners have been recruited to support the project, extensive external consultation will begin within the Kenora Region with key stakeholders including Indigenous Peoples, municipalities, service partners, the North West LHIN and the general public. This will be augmented by knowledge gained from strongly-engaged service teams, including hospital staff, physicians and patients.

For further information please contact:
Ray Racette
President and CEO
(807) 468-9861 ext. 2241

Media Release – Planning of All Nations Hospital