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Water Treatment Plant

In 1975, the Ontario Ministry of the Environment engaged the firm of Proctor & Redfern Limited to provide engineering services for the design and construction of the Kenora Area Water Treatment Plant to serve the City of Kenora.

The project was funded under a Regional Priority Budget by the provincial Ministry of Northern Affairs with assistance from the federal Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation on the basis of a 100 percent grant.

The plant was put into operation in March, 1979 and finally completed on June 28th, 1979 at a total cost, including equipment, of $5.6 million.

Plant Description

9 Seventh Street South,
Kenora, Ontario P9N 1P3
Water Treatment Plant Ariel View

Installed 26,000 m3/d (5.75 MIGD)
Future 52,000 m3/d (11.5 MIGD)

Raw Water Source:
Lake of the Woods

Plant Components:

  1. Approximately 270 m (880 feet), of 900 mm (36 inch) diameter polyethylene gravity intake complete with a fibre reinforced plastic intake elbow and crib.
  2. A well type low lift pumping station incorporating three vertical turbine low lifts (one as standby) each rated at 13,000 m3/day (2000 IGPM), and manually cleaned polyethylene mesh screens with provision for future installation of traveling screens.
  3. Flash mixing by means of an in-line blender or turbine at a flash mix chamber.
  4. Two upflow solids contact type clarifiers with integral flocculation zones each rated at 13000 m3/day (2000 IGPM) or an overflow rate of approximately 50 l/m2/min (1.0 IGPM/ft2), with provision for future doubling of this rate by the addition of tube settlers.
  5. Four rapid gravity sand and anthracite filters each rated at 150 l/m2/min (3.0 IGPM/ft2). Future expansion by rating increase or construction of two additional filters. Backwash cycle is automated and incorporates air scour surface wash.
  6. Clearwell storage of 2,275 m3 (0.5 MIG).
  7. Three horizontal centrifugal 150 KW (200 HP) high lift pumps (one as standby) each rated at 13,000 m3/day (2000 IGPM).
  8. Two horizontal centrifugal 37.5 KW (50 HP) backwash pumps each rated at 20,000 m3/day (3125 IGPM).
  9. Standby power providers by a 400 KW diesel generator to power two high lift pumps.
  10. Chemical feed facilities for aluminum sulphate, sodium hydroxide, ammonium sulphate and polyelectrolyte, sodium silicofluoride, chlorine.
  11. Office and laboratory facilities.