Charges & Service Rates

Water and Wastewater Rates

5/8″151.0$39.04$1.32100% water cost
3/4″181.1$42.95$1.32100% water cost
1″251.4$54.65$1.32100% water cost
1 1/2″401.8$70.25$1.32100% water cost
2″502.9$113.21$1.32100% water cost
3″7511.0$429.33$1.32100% water cost
4″10014.0$546.45$1.32100% water cost
6″15021.0$819.64$1.32100% water cost
8″20040.0$1,561.25 $1.32100% water cost

** Customers with approved bleeders shall receive a discount of 50% on their volumetric water consumption for the approved bleeding period as directed by the Water and Wastewater Division Lead each year. This period will be no earlier than November 1st and ending no later than April 30th of the following year.

** In extreme circumstances, the Manager of Operations and Infrastructure has the discretion to authorize a rate for approved bleeder customers up to zero.

Service Charges

Connect & Disconnect – regular hours$60.00per hour
Connect & Disconnect – after hours$190.002 hr minimum
Connect & Disconnect – after hours$80.00per additional hour
W & S Line Tapping – regular hours$140.00per hour
W & S Line Tapping – after hours$400.002 hr minimum
W & S Line Tapping – after hours – each additional hr$150.00per additional hour
Service Call – regular hours$60.00per hour
Service Call – after hours $190.002 hr minimum
W & S Pipe Locate – regular hours$100.00per hour
W & S Pipe Locate – after hours$200.00per hour
Water Thaw – regular hours$235.00first hour
Water Thaw – regular hours – each additional hour$230.00per additional hour
Water Thaw – after hours$667.002 hr minimum
Water Thaw – after hours – each additional hour$375.00per additional hour
Sewer Steaming – regular hours$200.00per hour
Sewer Steaming – after hours$550.002 hr minimum
Sewer Steaming – after hours – each additional hour$250.00per additional hour
Sewer Rodding – regular hours$110.00per hour
Sewer Rodding – after hours$400.002 hr minimum
Sewer Rodding – after hours – each additional hour$200.00per additional hour
Sewer Service Camera Inspection (2 staff)$200.00per hour
Sewer Service Camera Inspection (3 staff)$250.00per hour
S & W Private Connection Permit$70.00flat rate
Water Delivery – 0.1 to 2.27 cubic meters$50.00same day delivery
Water Delivery – 2.27 to 4.54 cubic m.$55.00same day delivery
Water Delivery – 4.54 to 6.81 cubic m.$60.00same day delivery
Water Delivery – same day (after 8:00 am)$125.00flat rate
Water Delivery – all OT & non-scheduled delivery days $190.00flat rate
Coin-Op Water$4.25per cubic meter