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Street Sweeping


In spring when the snow has melted and the night time temperature is above zero degrees Celcius (0℃), the Roads Division can begin a plan for street sweeping. As with snow removal, the downtown and highways and bridges are priority areas. Downtown is swept during the early morning shift, while all others are done during the day shift. When the priority areas are completed, the sweepers start in the nine designated residential areas – Brick Yard, Central, JM Subdivision, Keewatin, Lakeside, Minto, Norman, North End, and Rideout.

We work to achieve a balanced road maintenance strategy. Street sweeping is done in conjunction with other routine and periodic maintenance work which puts to work some of the same work crew and equipment. This challenge and other limitations or situations may override or delay the street sweeping plan.


  1. Emergency repair works such as water line repairs, sewer line repairs, and emergency road repairs may override street sweeping. Street sweeping is not an emergency service.
  2. Rainy weather can delay the plan until the sand dries out and rain stops. Picking up wet sand causes trouble for the sweeper drum.
  3. The plan may change if equipment breaks down or repairs are needed. Anywhere from four to six pieces of equipment is required to do the sweeping job.
  4. Line painting is a priority in the spring. During line painting period, the plan may change to clear the areas where the line painting contractor needs to work.
  5. The plan depends on the availability of trained employees to operate the equipment in the street sweeper squad.

Street Sweeper Squad:


2 sweepers
1 sidewalk sweeper
1 water truck
2 tandem trucks

Highways & Bridges

1 sweeper
1 sidewalk sweeper
1 water truck
1 tandem truck

Residential areas

3 sweepers
1 water truck
3 tandem trucks