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Although city crews regularly patrol streets to identify pot holes and other road deficiencies, pot holes can develop on a daily basis when temperatures begin to hover around zero degrees.

With the shift from winter snow plowing to snow melting conditions are perfect for potholes to form in the spring. The Roads Division takes a number of steps to ensure quick efficient repair of potholes.

Why Do Potholes Form?

  • Moisture seeps into the pavement and sub-base, freezes, expands, and then thaws.
  • The freeze – thaw cycle weakens the pavement.
  • Traffic loosens the pavement even more.
  • Pavement crumbles and pops out.

Who can I call to Report a Pothole?

Maintenance crews are constantly on the lookout for potholes, but the City welcomes citizen calls to report a pothole they have noticed. If the pothole is on a city street, leave a message for the POTHOLE HOTLINE at 807-467-2334.

When you call please leave specific details of the location of the pothole including:

  1. Exact location of pothole (street name, house # or landmark it is located in front of)
  2. Driving lane or shoulder
  3. Approximate size of pothole
  4. Date you call

How long will it take to fix the Pothole?

It depends on where the pothole is located. If it is located on a main roadway, it will be repaired quicker than potholes on a residential street.

Pothole hazards are rated on the following criteria: location (driving lane, curb lane); class of street; and how hazardous the pothole is for drivers. Locations are itemized for repair crew’s area to repair the potholes in an orderly manner.

Can Potholes be prevented?

NO, but roadways are being built to reduce their moisture capacity. Researchers and suppliers of asphalt cement are developing a better, more durable asphalt mix to reduce pothole formation. Cold patch asphalt is also being improved to last longer in potholes.

What can drivers do to prevent damage to their vehicles from potholes?

  • Be Alert!
  • Be Cautious!
  • Drive Slowly!
  • Use extreme caution when going through large puddles of water! Typically under that water are potholes and going through this water at excess speed may result in damage to your vehicle

My vehicle was damaged in a pothole. What should I do?

Contact your insurance company and ask them how to proceed. In the majority of cases, the City will not accept liability for damages caused by hitting potholes. We believe we are exceeding the Minimum Maintenance Standards as set out in legislation and as such, there is no negligence on the part of the City. If you feel the damages to your vehicle are the result of negligence on the part of the City, contact the City’s Risk Management and Loss Prevention Officer at 807-467-2145.