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You may need a work or special event permit if you are planning a project, activity or event that requires access to City of Kenora roads.

Encroachment and Entrance Permits

The City of Kenora regulates work that is occurring on municipal roads, sidewalks and boulevards. You must apply for an encroachment permit if you need to use or access any of these right-of-ways, for a project or activity.

Examples of work activities on city right-of-ways that require a work permit include, material or equipment storage, excavation and roadway occupancy, for an extended period of time.

You may not close or block off any portion of a city right-of-way without a permit and may receive a work-stoppage order or fines if you violate this by-law.

Applying for an encroachment permit

  • APPLY for your permit at least five working days before you would like to start your project
  • Get a certificate of insurance, completed by your insurer, before you apply for a permit
  • Your insurance coverage must be at least $1 million and identify the City of Kenora as an additional insured
  • Provide an explanation of the work, including its scope, location and time/duration

Bring your completed application form and insurance information to the Operations Building at 60 14th St N, Kenora, ON P9N 4M9 to apply, or fax in your form to 807-467-2246, attention to the Roads Division Lead.

Parade, walk or run permits

You need a parade, walk or run permit to hold a parade or procession, ceremony, street dance or party, festival or carnival, race or walk-a-thon, demonstration or any similar event that requires a lane or road closure or may interfere with the normal flow of traffic on a regional road.

City Forms

Find all City Forms and Applications here.