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Fees and Tipping Fees

The City of Kenora Transfer Station is a user pay facility which means there are specific fees and tipping fees that must be paid to dispose of waste and some recycling items.  The minimum charge for weighted loads at the scale is $15.

Reminder:  the scale closes 1/2 hour before closing time each day.

Environmental Services Fees and Tipping Fees

Sale of Garbage Bag Tags$2.00 Per Tag
Blue Box Replacements$10.00
ICI Roll Out Containers$120.00
Per Bag NOT Exceeding 11.36 kilograms (1 – 7 bags)$2.00
All Approved Materials UP TO 250 kilograms$15.00 Minimum Fee
All Approved Materials OVER 250 kilograms$90.00 Per Tonne
Approved Materials Re-directed to Kenora Area Landfill$65.00
Approved Materials Re-directed to Reuse Area$45.00 Per Tonne
Tires UP TO 16 inches$5.00 Per Tire
Tires BETWEEN 16.5 and 20 inches$7.00 Per Tire
Tires OVER 20 inches$8.50 Per Tire
ICI Cooking Oil$2.50 Up To 20 litres
Approve Recycle MaterialsNo Charge
Brush, Tree and Yard Waste$15.00 Min Fee Up To 250 kgs, $90.00 Per Tonne Over 250 kgs
Bagged Leaf and Grass ClippingsFree
Disposal of Propane Tanks$2.00 Each 20 lbs and under, $5.00 Each Over 20 lbs
Weighing of Vehicle on Scale$12.00 Per Vehicle
Industrial Solid Waste delivered to Kenora Area Landfill
– Minimum 1,000 Tonnes Per Year
$35.00 Per Tonne
40 Yard Bin Rental Per Week
$250.00 Per Bin Plus Material Drop-off and Pick-up in Approved Areas
Handling of Approved Hazardous Materials that Require Immediate BurialHandling Surcharge – $140.00 Per Transaction Handling Charge
Commercial Garbage
Pickup Surcharge
Student Labour Rate – $30.00
Regular Labour Rate – $40.00

Weigh Scales Out of Services Fees and Tipping Fees

Per Bag
Bag not to exceed 46 litres filled to a gross rate of not more than 11.36 kilograms (25 pounds)
$2.00 Per Bag
Per Car Trunk Full Or Utility Load$24.00
Per Pick-up (1/2 ton) Truck Full Load$24.00
Per One Tonne Stake Truck (6 yards) Full Load$42.00
Per Three Tonne Stake Truck $102.00
Per Tandem Truck (14 yards)$300.00
Per Packer (25 yards) $408.00
Per Packer (40 yards)$480.00

NOTE Transfer Facility Attendant shall have the authority to pro-rate part loads or intermediate size vehicles.

Industrial, Commercial and Institutional (ICI) Recycling Services Tipping Fees

Bulk Corrugated Cardboard (OCC) and Paper
$6.00 Minimum Up To 200 kilograms
$65.00 Per tonne (pro-rated) OVER 200 kilograms
Solid Waste Commercial Drop-off Charge
Roll Out Containers (95 gal)
$3.00 Per Container Per Pick-up
Delivered to Transfer Station
Blue Box Roll-out Container$6.00 Per Container Per Pick-up
Large Recycle Bags$3.00 Per Bag Per Pick-up

Solid Waste Services to Municipal Buildings and Facilities Curbside Collection of Solid Waste Materials Fees

6 Cubic Yard Dumpster Container$60.00 Per Pick-up
40 Yard Bin Switch
Office Hour: $115.00
Out of Office Hour: $250.00
Haul Contractor Bin to Kenora Area Landfill
Office Hour: $215.00
Out of Office Hour: $315.00