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Fees and Tipping Fees

The City of Kenora Transfer Station is a user pay facility which means there are specific fees and tipping fees that must be paid to dispose of waste and some recycling items.

Reminder:  the scale closes 1/2 hour before closing time each day.

Environmental Services Fees and Tipping Fees

Sale of Garbage Bag Tags$2.00 Per Tag
Blue Box Replacements$10.00
ICI Roll Out Containers$120.00
Per Bag NOT Exceeding 11.36 kilograms (1 – 7 bags)$2.00
All Approved Materials UP TO 250 kilograms$15.00 Minimum Fee
All Approved Materials OVER 250 kilograms$90.00 Per Tonne
Approved Materials Re-directed to Kenora Area Landfill$65.00
Approved Materials Re-directed to Reuse Area$45.00 Per Tonne
Tires UP TO 16 inches$5.00 Per Tire
Tires BETWEEN 16.5 and 20 inches$7.00 Per Tire
Tires OVER 20 inches$8.50 Per Tire
ICI Cooking Oil$2.50 Up To 20 litres
Approve Recycle MaterialsNo Charge
Brush, Tree and Yard Waste$15.00 Min Fee Up To 250 kgs, $90.00 Per Tonne Over 250 kgs
Bagged Leaf and Grass ClippingsFree
Disposal of Propane Tanks$2.00 Each 20 lbs and under, $5.00 Each Over 20 lbs
Weighing of Vehicle on Scale$12.00 Per Vehicle
Industrial Solid Waste delivered to Kenora Area Landfill
– Minimum 1,000 Tonnes Per Year
$35.00 Per Tonne
40 Yard Bin Rental Per Week
$250.00 Per Bin Plus Material Drop-off and Pick-up in Approved Areas
Handling of Approved Hazardous Materials that Require Immediate BurialHandling Surcharge – $140.00 Per Transaction Handling Charge
Commercial Garbage
Pickup Surcharge
Student Labour Rate – $30.00
Regular Labour Rate – $40.00

Weigh Scales Out of Services Fees and Tipping Fees

Per Bag
Bag not to exceed 46 litres filled to a gross rate of not more than 11.36 kilograms (25 pounds)
$2.00 Per Bag
Per Car Trunk Full Or Utility Load$24.00
Per Pick-up (1/2 ton) Truck Full Load$24.00
Per One Tonne Stake Truck (6 yards) Full Load$42.00
Per Three Tonne Stake Truck $102.00
Per Tandem Truck (14 yards)$300.00
Per Packer (25 yards) $408.00
Per Packer (40 yards)$480.00

NOTE Transfer Facility Attendant shall have the authority to pro-rate part loads or intermediate size vehicles.

Industrial, Commercial and Institutional (ICI) Recycling Services Tipping Fees

Bulk Corrugated Cardboard (OCC) and Paper
$6.00 Minimum Up To 200 kilograms
$30.00 Per tonne (pro-rated) OVER 200 kilograms
Solid Waste Commercial Drop-off Charge
Roll Out Containers (95 gal)
$3.00 Per Container Per Pick-up
Delivered to Transfer Station
Blue Box Roll-out Container$6.00 Per Container Per Pick-up
Large Recycle Bags$3.00 Per Bag Per Pick-up

Solid Waste Services to Municipal Buildings and Facilities Curbside Collection of Solid Waste Materials Fees

6 Cubic Yard Dumpster Container$60.00 Per Pick-up
40 Yard Bin Switch
Office Hour: $115.00
Out of Office Hour: $250.00
Haul Contractor Bin to Kenora Area Landfill
Office Hour: $215.00
Out of Office Hour: $315.00