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Recycling & Waste Collection Schedule

recycle truck

The City of Kenora Environmental Services division provides residential recycling and waste collection service on a weekly schedule.

Why does my recycle and waste not get picked up?

Here are a few reasons that your waste or recycle may get left at the curb-side:

  1. It must be left out by 8:00 a.m. on your assigned pick up day.
  2. Bags MUST NOT weigh more than 25lbs – bags heavier than this will be left.
  3. Waste/recycle is ripped apart by animals.  The drivers DO NOT pick up destroyed bags and waste/recycle in your yard.
  4. Contaminated recycle will not be picked up  (ie: cardboard that is wet, greasy or has garbage in it)
  5. Using half of a bag tag on your garbage bag will result in your waste being left. Everyone has to pay the same user fee for pick-up.
  6. Garbage, glass of any sort and plastic bags in your recycle box will result in the drivers leaving your recycle! This contaminates the co-mingle (mixed items) recycle with non-recyclables in it.
  7. Your recycle items were in a plastic bag.

Remember you can bring your recyclables and waste to the Transfer Station 7 days per week!

Blue Box

Recycle items must be placed loosely in a Blue Box for curbside pick up.

Items in plastic bags will be left behind.

No plastic bags may be used; however, multiple Blue Boxes may be used for large amounts of recycle items.

Flatten and crush items to fit more in the Blue Box.

Rinse and clean all items before placing in the Blue Box.

Blue Boxes may be purchased at City Hall, the Transfer Station, or from local retail stores.

Daily Collection Schedule

Recycling and solid waste are collected on the same day.

There is no curbside collection on statutory holidays.

Monday ICI Recycling
Coney Island ( May –  September)
Tuesday Lakeside
JM South of the By-Pass
Wednesday Downtown
South of Ninth St N
to Laurenson’s Creek
Thursday Tunnel Island
(west of hospital bridge)
Friday Rideout
Valley Drive
JM North of the  By-Pass