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Bluebox Basics


Acceptable / Non Acceptable Waste

Acceptable Curbside Waste

The City of Kenora By-Law Number 181-2008 sets out a definition for “domestic waste” that is collected at curb side. “Domestic waste” shall mean and include:

  • all rejected, abandoned or discarded garbage, refuse or litter thrown out by any household or generated from a residential property or dwelling
  • all animal, mineral and vegetable matter abandoned, discarded or thrown out by any householder or generated from a residential property or dwelling but shall not include any non-collectable waste.

Unacceptable Curbside Waste

  • trade waste
  • any explosive or highly combustible material of any nature
  • construction and demolition materials (i.e. plaster, lumber, sawdust, shavings)
  • liquid wastes
  • hay, straw, manure
  • human and bodily wastes (diapers are acceptable)
  • raw carcass of any animal, bird or fish
  • bandages, sharps, dressings – from hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, etc.
  • small bushes or branches, trimmings from hedges, trees and shrubs
  • recycling materials – namely Blue Box materials such as tin and aluminum food and beverage cans and plastic containers (#’s 1, 2, or 5 with the recycle symbol which is a triangle), newspapers, magazines, catalogues, inserts, flyers, white office paper, box board (milk cartons, juice tetra packs, fibre egg cartons), corrugated cardboard
  • commercial cooking oil and any hazardous materials
  • discarded furniture and appliances
  • smoke detectors/alarms or asbestos

Curbside Collection Regulations


Domestic waste placed in tagged garbage bags must be set out at curbside by 8:00 am on the morning of your scheduled collection day.  Each garbage bag must have a City of Kenora Bag Tag placed on the side of the bag, making sure the full Bag Tag is visible.  In colder weather, the Bag Tag can be wrapped around the neck of the garbage bag sticking the two ends together ensuring that the full Bag Tag is visible.  Each garbage bag must weigh less than 25 pounds (11.36 kilograms) and be smaller than 46 litres in size (approximately 24″ X 30″). You may place tagged garbage into a waste container or cover it with a blanket or sheet to discourage scavengers. Tagged garbage should be placed apart from your Blue Box recyclables.

Shredded white paper is accepted in clear bags and residential customers do not require a City of Kenora Bag Tag for this collection.

Your garbage may have not been picked up for one of these reasons:

  • Bag Tag cut in half or not fully visible
  • Oversized bag used
  • Bag contains excessive weight
  • Bag contains unacceptable waste
  • Loose garbage inside or outside of waste container

Blue Box

Recycle items must be placed loosely in a Blue Box for curbside pick up.

Items in plastic bags will be left behind.

No plastic bags may be used; however, multiple Blue Boxes may be used for large amounts of recycle items.

Flatten and crush items to fit more in the Blue Box.

Rinse and clean all items before placing in the Blue Box.

Blue Boxes may be purchased at City Hall, the Transfer Station, or from local retail stores.