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Coney Island Lake Collection


The City of Kenora provides residents of Coney Island waste collection/disposal services and Blue Box materials collection on a seasonal basis.  Collection is provided every Monday with the exception of long weekends.  In the event that Monday is a Statutory or Civic Holiday, regular collection will be provided on the Tuesday.

This service commences on the Tuesday after the Victoria Day Weekend in May and ends on the Tuesday after the Labour Day Weekend in September.

To ensure collection, residents are to place all waste and recycle materials at the end of their docks by 8:00 a.m.

All bags of garbage must have a full City of Kenora Bag Tag around the neck of the bag.

NEW Effective August 1, 2019 – all recycle items must be placed in a Blue Box to be collected.  Plastic bags are no longer accepted.

Glass bottles and jars are not collected through the City of Kenora’s Blue Box program however they may be brought to the Transfer Facility located at 401 Mellick Avenue and deposited in the appropriate recycling bin free of charge.