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Planning and Building Services During COVID-19

This page provides details of the status of Development Services during the COVID-19 outbreak.  For more details on the City’s response, please see COVID-19 Updates.

The City municipal offices are closed due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Council meetings are occurring electronically, and public planning consultations will also occur remotely.

Planning and Building staff are still working and are available by e-mail.  Please see the information below regarding how to contact staff and proceed with applications during this period.

Application fees for all applications will be processed via cheque. For alternative payment methods please contact

Planning Services

Please contact regarding the state of your application or for general inquiries.

Is the City still accepting Planning applications?

Because the City municipal offices are now closed to the public, only electronic Planning applications are being accepted through email These include applications for a Zoning By-law Amendment, Official Plan Amendment, Draft Plan of Subdivision, Draft Plan of Condominium, Minor Variance, Consent and Site Plan Approval.

Is the City still holding Planning Advisory Committee (PAC) meetings?

Yes, the Planning Advisory Committee (PAC) meeting will be hosted through electronic means on an as-needed basis.

Can I schedule a Pre-Consultation meeting?

Pre-consultation meetings for new Planning applications can be scheduled through teleconference.

Building Services

Please contact regarding Building Permit applications, submitting a new application and documents, or for general inquiries.

Can I still apply for Building Permits?

Staff will accept new applications by mail, courier or prescheduled drop-off at 60 14th Street North, Kenora. We will continue to work with you to review and advance your application while ensuring minimal personal contact due to the ongoing public health crisis.

We are still processing Building Permits remotely while the Municipal Offices are closed to the public.

Where can I find application forms?

Building Permits and application forms are available in Forms.

How do I find zoning information?

Before applying for a Building Permit, please ensure that your intended project conforms to the Zoning By-law. Locate the zoning for any property in Kenora in maps. Staff are also available on-line to assist you by email to

Are building inspections continuing?

We will continue to inspect unoccupied homes under construction, exterior work, and new industrial, institutional, and commercial improvements subject to the following protocol.

Prior to scheduling an inspection, the Chief Building Official (CBO) shall confirm that the two-metre “physical distancing” will be respected during the inspection. Should the CBO encounter a situation he is uncomfortable with, the CBO shall remove himself from the site and contact the Manager of Development Services for further guidance.

Consideration may be given to professional (engineers, architects) field review reports, coupled with sufficient evidence of code compliance, to permit work to proceed in the absence of inspections; however, these will be reviewed, documented and followed-up upon by the CBO on a case by case basis.

The safety of all workers is of utmost importance. Our goal is to continue service levels wherever possible. If the development community could limit the number of people on sites during inspections, we will have more flexibility in the types of inspections we can continue to do.

Inspections can be booked by phone 807-467-2022 or email to

Additional Information

Please consult the following pamphlets to learn more about other Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) in Development Services:

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Secondary Dwellings
Trailer Occupancy
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