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Planning Advisory Committee (PAC)

The Committee of Adjustment and Land Division Committee (PAC) consists nine (9) local residents who are appointed by Council.

When acting as the Committee of Adjustment or Land Division Committee, the Committee’s mandate is to act as an independent, quasi-judicial body and hear applications for “Minor Variances”. This is an application for relief from a requirement of the Zoning By-law which cannot be met (under Section 45 of the Planning Act). This includes applications, which deal with the enlargement or extension of a building or structure that is legally non-conforming, or for a change in non-conforming use; and further to hear Applications for land division including by consent to “Sever” a property or for any agreement, mortgage or lease that extends for 21 years or more, subdivision and condominium description.

The PAC also provides recommendations to Council with respect to applications for amendment to the City’s Official Plan and/or to the City’s Zoning By-law.  These meetings are held publically and advertised within the Statutory Notice of Application. Applicants are requested to present their application and the public is given an opportunity to comment.

The Kenora Planning Advisory Committee generally meets on the third Tuesday of each month at 6 p.m. in the Operations Training Room on the second floor of the Operations Centre at 60 Fourteenth Street North.  While municipal buildings are closed to the public, the PAC meetings will be held electronically. 

Please use the calendar below to confirm dates, or contact the Planning Department at 807-467-2292 or 807-467-2059.

2020 Calendar

January 21 February 18 March 24
April 21  May 19 June 16
July 21 August 18 September 22

October 20 


November 17 December 15

Please note meeting dates subject to change.

All meetings commence at 6:00 pm. unless otherwise posted.

Statutory Public Hearings

Statutory public hearings are held, in accordance with the Planning Act, by the Committee of Adjustment and Land Division Committee.  As part of the requirements, the Applicant may be required to erect signage on the subject property, indicating the purpose of the application, time and date of the public hearing and other information required, under the Planning Act. For applications for consent and minor variance, notice of the statutory public meeting is also mailed, per the requirements of the Planning Act. For applications for amendments to the Zoning By-law, Official Plan, and for applications for subdivision or condominium (where applicable), notice is advertised in the Kenora Daily Miner & News, in accordance with the requirements of the Planning Act. The PAC members have been appointed by Council to consider and make decisions respecting applications for minor variances, consents, plans of subdivisions and condominium descriptions, within the jurisdiction of the Planning Act.

The Applicants or Agents will be given an opportunity to present their submissions respecting their applications and to respond to questions, arising from discussion of these applications. Interested members of the public will also be given opportunity to speak in favour of, or opposition to, the applications being dealt with at these hearings.

All persons addressing the Committee must state their full name and mailing address and must direct their comments through the Chair.

Notice of Decisions will be given to the Applicant, Agent, and all other interested parties who have filed a written request. Also, a notice of an adjourned application or possible Local Planning Appeal Tribunal will be provided to those that have filed a written request

The decision and/or any condition imposed by the PAC can be appealed to the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal. The Notice of Appeal for a Minor Variance application must be filed with the Secretary-Treasurer within 20 days of the making of the decision. The notice of appeal for a severance application must be filed with the Secretary-Treasurer within 20 days of the mailing of the notice. The notice of appeal must set out reasons for the appeal and must be accompanied by the prescribed fee.  The fee is set in accordance with the City’s Tariff of Fees By-law.

The Secretary-Treasurer and Planning Assistant for the City of Kenora is Melissa Shaw. Her contact number is 807-467-2292 and email address is

Property Standards Appeal Committee

The PAC also is the Property Standards Appeal Committee, if an owner or occupant upon whom an order has been served is not satisfied with the terms or conditions of the order may appeal to the committee by sending a NOTICE OF APPEAL. The Committee shall conduct a hearing and make a decision with respect to the order.

For any information regarding the above kindly contact the PAC Secretary-Treasurer, Melissa Shaw. The Planning Department offices are located in the City of Kenora Operations Centre a 60 Fourteenth Street North, 2nd Floor and we are open between the hours of 8:30 A.M. – 4:30 P.M.

Find Planning application in Property & Planning forms.

Maps & Data

Maps and data can be view with the Geographic Information System (GIS) and Interactive Maps which allows you to look up current maps on property boundaries, land use plans and land use by-laws, and trails networks in the City of Kenora.  You can provide your feedback for improvement also.

These maps can be accessed through the Online Interactive Mapping Portal

Current Agendas and Minutes

Previous PAC Agenda and Minutes found in Council and Committee Meetings.