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Heritage Kenora


Local historical buildings, cultural landscapes, and heritage properties symbolize Kenora’s history. The Heritage Kenora Committee advises City Council on any action involving property that has been designated as a heritage property. Working closely with the Planning Advisory Committee, the focus is preserving these significant properties.

Are you planning an improvement project?  You be may be eligible for financial incentives offered in the Community Improvement Plans in Harbourtown Centre and Keewatin.  Please contact the Planning Department 807-467-2292 for more information on how to apply.



Properties on Kenora Municipal Registry

Bolded Properties indicate heritage designation

Buildings Address Date Added
Lakeside Inn 407 First Avenue South -Kenora June 2009
Nourish on Second Street 210 Second Street South – Kenora May 2007
Blue Heron 321 First Avenue South – Kenora February 2013
Cameron House 1 Seventh Street South – Kenora 2008
Canadian Pacific Railway Station McClelland Avenue – Kenora 2006
Canfield Residence 318 Third Street South– Kenora February 2013
Channel Engineering 104 Government Road – Keewatin May 2007
City Hall 1 Main Street South – Kenora 2006
Del-art Manor 102 Government Road – Keewatin June 2009
Goold Residence 529 Third Avenue South – Kenora May 2007
Hardwear Company 105 Main Street South – Kenora May 2007
Kendall House Bed and Breakfast 127 Fifth Avenue South – Kenora May 2007
Kenora Courthouse Water Street – Kenora June 2009
Lake of the Woods Brewing Company 350 Second Street South – Kenora August 2008
Kenora Public Library 24 Main Street South – Kenora May 2007
Kenricia Hotel 155 Main Street South – Kenora 2007
Knox United Church 116 Fifth Avenue South – Kenora June 2009
Linnell Block 307 Second Street South – Kenora Consent received
Mather-Walls House 1116 Ottawa Street – Keewatin 2006
Memorial Building 102 Tenth Street – Keewatin June 2009
Moncrief Barn Redditt Road – Kenora June 2009
Moncrief Residence 108 Ottawa Street – Keewatin May 2007
Museum Annex 224 Main Street South – Kenora 2006
Notre Dame du Portage Church 222 First Street North – Kenora May 2007
St. Albanʼs Cathedral 312 Main Street South – Kenora May 2007
St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic Church 430 Fourth Street North – Kenora May 2007
Stone House 225 Main Street South – Kenora June 2009
Urban Shag/etc. 209 Second Street South – Kenora Consent received

Cultural Landscapes

Landscapes Address Date Added
Bigsby’s Rat Portage Kenora May 2007
Coney Beach Kenora May 2007
Keewatin Glacier Rock Holes Keewatin May 2007
Lake of the Woods Cemetery Kenora May 2007
McLeod Park Kenora May 2007
Mink Bay Wetlands Keewatin May 2007
Tunnel Island/ Old Fort Island Kenora May 2007


Structures Address Date Added
Main Street Dock Kenora May 2007

2018 Heritage Kenora Agenda and Minutes

Previous Minutes