Property & Planning Fees

SectionFee DescriptionFee Details
Planning Official Plan Amendment $ 1,500.00+ Professional fees, where applicable
PlanningZoning By-law Amendment (including temporary use, holding and interim control bylaws$ 1,100.00+ Professional fees, where applicable
PlanningApplication for Minor Variance $ 325.00
PlanningApplication for Consent $ 550.00
PlanningFurther consideration of an application upon deferral of a Planning Advisory Committee decision at request of applicant$ 100.00
PlanningAmendment to any application noted above where such changes require recirculation$ 200.00
PlanningAmendment to any application noted above where such changes do not require recirculation$ 100.00
PlanningSpecial meeting of Kenora Planning Advisory Committee$ 375.00
Copy of Comprehensive Zoning By-law$ 55.00
Copy of City of Kenora Official Plan$ 50.00
Application for Plan of Subdivision/condominium description$ 2,000.00
$ 4,000.00
$ 5,000
1-19 lots/units
20-39 lots/units
40 + units
Planning Agreements
Site plan – minor and under 7 residential units$ 200.00+ legal/registration fees
Site plan – major industrial/commercial/institutional and 7 and over residential units$ 800.00 + legal/registration fees
Development agreement $ 800.00+ legal/registration fees
Subdivision/condominium agreement$ 900.00 + legal/registration fees
Amendment to subdivision/condominium or site plan agreement$ 400.00+ legal/registration fees
Agreement as a condition of consent$ 100.00+ legal/registration fees
Release from Title of any agreements noted above$ 300.00+ legal fees
Deeming by-law$ 250.00+ legal/registration fees
Part Lot Control $ 350.00
Validation By-law $ 350.00
Zoning Compliance Letter$ 50.00
Building Compliance Letter$ 50.00
Zoning and Building Compliance Letter$ 90.00
Planning Application for Letter of Comfort$ 175.00
Application to purchase or lease municipal property – road/shore allowance abutting property owned by applicant(s)$ 500.00 + all costs including survey, legal, transfer and a minimum of either $1000 or the established fair market value, whichever is more
Application for purchase of lease of municipal property – property not a part of a road/shore allowance abutting property owned by applicant(s)$ 500.00 + Fair market value or as established by Council
Appeal of Order issued under Property Standards By-law$ 375.00 + Professional fees, where applicable
Technical Consent $ 350.00
Costs in respect to appeals to the Ontario Municipal BoardCost Recovery
Processing Appeals to the Ontario Municipal Board$ 150.00
Release of Site Plan Agreement $ 100.00+ Professional fees, where applicable
Amendment of Site Plan Agreement$ 100.00+ Professional fees, where applicable
Planning License of Occupation
Sidewalk Cafe $75.00 Annually
May 15 ‑ October 15
Intended but not limits to use by Coffee Shops, Bakeries, Delis, and confectionary stores. Sidewalk Café Licences of Occupation will be restricted to establishments located on the ground floor, with the use of single row, tables, chairs and/or benches up against the building face
Small Sidewalk Patio $ 200.00 Annually
May 15 ‑ October 15
With occupancy of twenty (20) people or less
Large Sidewalk Patio$ 350.00 Annually
May 15 ‑ October 15
With occupancy of twenty-one (21) people or more. Currently restricted to Bernier Tariff of Fees & Charges #131-2016 December 20, 2016 Drive where installed patios offer unobstructed sidewalk width for pedestrian movement along the abutting sidewalk. Perimeter fencing is required regardless of sales and or consumption of alcohol
Merchandise Display$50.00
May 15 ‑ October 15
A Merchandise Display Permit allows business owners to display their products and decorative components (Planters, Pots etc.) on a portion of the sidewalk in front of their business