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Effective April 1, 2019, parking on Saturdays will be enforced.

The City of Kenora has a dedicated team of By-law Enforcement Officers proactively enforcing parking regulations by monitoring the meters, streets and lots in our City. The Parking Lot and Structure Regulation By-law 82-2018 and Traffic Regulation By-law 180-2015 set out the details of these regulations.   Day use parking cost is $1 per hour, Monday to Saturday – excluding public holidays and Sundays.

Overnight parking is permitted at the Kenora Recreation Centre Lot 6, Anicinabe Boat Launch and at Keewatin Memorial Arena front lot.   These are the only City owned lots that permit vehicles in excess of 6.7 meters and overnight parking.  Parking Prohibited 81-2013 Permit may be required.

Parking meter spaces are available in the Harbourtown area and have specific hour maximum daily time limits between the hours of 9:00am and 6:00 pm, excluding Sundays and Public Holidays.  Meters are set at a rate of $1 per hour, accepting quarters and $1 & $2 coins.

There are three parking lots with auto pay station ticket dispensers located at McClellan Avenue (City Hall), Harbourfront South, and Park Street for day use parking.  The cost is $1 per hour. The pay stations at McClellan Avenue and Harbourfront South will accept quarters, $1, and $2 coins.

The pay station at Park Street accepts coins or credit cards (Visa or MasterCard).  There are limited long term lease options available.  Contact City Hall 467-2000 to find out about availability.

Please ensure to clearly display the ticket on the dash board of your vehicle for our By-law Enforcement Officers to verify the ticket date and time of expiry.

Long term parking spaces are available by the week or month at Chipman Street Parking Lot, Harbourfront North, Harbourfront South, Kenora Parkade, Kenora Recreation Centre, and Keewatin Memorial Arena.  NEW long term parking at the Park Street lot.  There are also six spots available on First Avenue South for Coney Island residents. Valid parking permits must be prominently displayed in the lower right front window of your vehicle.

Free daily parking can be found at Kenora Recreation Centre back lot,  A & W ballfield, Garrow Park, Keewatin beach, Norman Park, McLeod Park (3 hours maximum), Keewatin Memorial Arena front lot, JM Baseball field, and the Lake of the Woods Discovery Centre (4 hours maximum).  Please note no overnight parking is permitted between 2:00 am and 6:00 am unless in a designed overnight parking lot and with paid term permit.

When choosing to park your vehicle curb side on City streets, be sure to refer to signs indicating no parking or tow-away zones, time limits and restricted zone, one way streets, community safety zones, school bus loading zones, and snow removal signs.  If there is no sign posted, the maximum parking limit is 48 hours.

Parking is permitted along the south side of Lakeview Drive on the paved shoulder along the greenbelt from 190 metres west of the Roundabout, westerly for 250 metres on Wednesdays for 4 hours during the Matiowski Farmers’ Market season.

Inquiries about parking permits and to report parking issues, contact City Hall by phone at 807-467-2000 or by email at

Kenora Recreation Centre Parking

To find out more about parking at the Recreation Centre please visit the Recreation Facilities section.

Disabled Person Designated Parking

The City of Kenora recognizes the need for accessible parking spaces and there are many designated for disabled persons within the City of Kenora and private property. A Disabled Person Parking Permit must be clearly displayed on or in the vehicle using that space to avoid a parking ticket.   Fines are very high to discourage misuse of parking in a disabled zone.

Veteran’s Plate Parking

The City of Kenora recognizes the sacrifice and commitment  of our Veterans’ and has established a special regulation to exempt municipal  parking fees for a vehicle displaying an Ontario Veteran’s licence plate.  Veterans who have an Ontario issued Veterans licence plate may park at any meter (except a disabled meter unless a permit holder) free of charge.

Should you find a parking ticket has been issued to you, payments may be submitted on-line, in person at City Hall, or mailed to the address on the ticket.   For other traffic ticket information and payments, contact the Provincial Offences Department.