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Kenora Hydro


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Hydro News

If you fail to pay your electricity bill, your electricity provider can disconnect your supply.  There are rules to protect both the consumer and the Utility established by the Ontario Energy Board.

Know Your Rights and Know the Rules

Kenora Hydro and Thunder Bay Hydro to Explore the Potential of a Merger 

Memorandum of Understanding for Kenora Hydro and Thunder Bay Hydro

2017 Rate Application filed with the OEB

Application for Approval of Electricity Distribution Rates

Kenora Service Area

Kenora Hydro is dedicated to the safe reliable supply of electricity to the citizens of Kenora.

The OEB Distributor Licence issued on April 1, 1999 described the service area of Kenora Hydro as:

  1. The City of Kenora as of December 31, 1999, with the exception of the area encompassed by the eastern boundary of the City of Kenora, west to the western side of Lot 16, north of the northern boundary of the City of Kenora and (former) Township of Jaffray, south to the Winnipeg River, that is served by Hydro One Networks Inc.
  2. The former Town of Keewatin, as of December 31, 1999, from the easterly boundary of Keewatin, westerly to Keewatin Beach Road, southerly to Lake of the Woods, and northerly to Darlington Bay.
  3. Plan M456, lots 1-5 inclusive in the City of Kenora (formerly the Town of Jaffray Melick as of December 31, 1999).
  4. Island E211 and E212 situated in Lake of the Woods.
  5. Plan M28 PT BLK D, RP 23R10703, Part 1 PCL 29790 in the City of Kenora.
  6. Except for the following area which is served by Hydro One Networks Inc.: Conc 1J and 2J, Lot 4, Parcel 13424, (former) Township of Jaffray Melick, Kenora.

All areas outside of the above noted, are served by Hydro One.

Electrical Inspections

What you need to know about Electrical Inspections

ESA – Power Disconnection Information

If you had your local utility disconnect the power to your dwelling for more than six months, you are required to have an ESA inspection before your local utility can restore power. The ESA’s 2016 fee for a Reconnection of Service for a single family dwelling is $299 plus HST. Visit for more information.

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