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Black Sturgeon Lakes Water Quality


Studying Black Sturgeon Lakes

As development thrives along the lakeshores of the Black Sturgeon Lakes, concern about the environmental impact also grows.   As stewards of the lakes and lands, the City of Kenora is committed to ensuring the water quality of the Black Sturgeon Lakes is monitored, and the health of the water remains consistent.

In 2007, the City of Kenora retained the services of Kelli Saunders Environmental Management and Gartner Lee to undertake a lake management plan for Black Sturgeon Lake.  The study contained a series of recommendations based on best management practices for managing the basin and surrounding lands.

In 2009 and 2010, the City of Kenora commissioned water quality studies, of various points in Lower and Upper Black Sturgeon Lakes. The results of these tests provided benchmark data to compare future samples.  In 2015, it was determined that annual reporting would better serve monitoring efforts and since then yearly studies have been published.

Additionally, the City of Kenora Official Plan (2015) includes land use policy recommendations for the Black Sturgeon Lakes based on the best management practices identified in the 2007 study.  Development restrictions such as larger frontages for new lots, a limitation on the total number of lots to be created, and water quality monitoring were some of the more critical components of the Official Plan.