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The City of Kenora’s strategic plan identifies a commitment to champion environmental stewardship recognizing the importance of the lake to our thriving existence.  The City will continue to be leaders as “Stewards of the Lake”, as well as “Stewards of the Land”.

Energy efficiency is consider in the City’s planning and the policy development process through the Energy Conservation and Demand Management Plan, and continues to review and report on energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Kenora Energy Conservation and Demand Management

Energy Submission Report

The City’s Environmental Advisory Committee works to maximize opportunities to reduce, reuse and recycle materials, and identify opportunities to be good stewards of the environment.


Helium Balloon Releases

The Government of Newfoundland and Labrador drafted guidelines for helium balloon releases in 2002.[1] These guidelines state:   “The impressive visual impact of thousands of balloons being released into the sky may last a few minutes, but the impact on wildlife and the marine environment may last many months with potentially harmful consequences. Once balloons […]