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Burning Permits

An Open Air Burning Permit is required for all outside burning and the permit can be purchased for $15  by calling  City Hall at 807-467-2000.  (When facilities are open to the public again, permits may be purchase in person at City Hall or Fire Station One.)

In the City of Kenora, from April 1st until October 31st each year no day burning is permitted.

For yard spring cleanup that includes burning old grass, leaves, waste wood, small brush piles, and untreated lumber, evening burning is allowed between two (2) hours before sunset and two (2) hours after sunrise.

When a fire ban is issued, all outside burning is prohibited and all Open Air Burning Permits are cancelled.

Burning Rules


1. Except by special occasion permit, material to be burned shall be limited to standing dry grass for spring clean-up, wood or wood byproducts, small brush piles and untreated lumber.

2. No area shall be burned that cannot easily be managed, controlled and extinguished, taking into account weather and wind conditions and the resources available.

3. No fire shall be set until the means of extinguishing the fire, as shown on the fire permit, are available and close to the site. Such means of extinguishing the fire shall be kept available at the site at all times until the fire is extinguished.

4. Only one fire shall be permitted at any one time for each permit.

5. No fire shall be permitted to continue if such fire or smoke emanating therefrom causes any of the following:

1. a decrease in visibility on any highway; or

2. discomfort, a hazard to health or a loss of enjoyment of normal use of any neighbouring property.

6. The fire shall be attended at all times by a person competent and capable of controlling it and extinguishing it, if necessary.

7. The person responsible for the fire shall at all times ensure that there is adequate manpower, tools and/or water available to contain the fire.

8. The person responsible for the fire shall ensure that access to a telephone is available within 5 minutes from the site of the fire.

Camp Fires

9. Camp fires shall be limited to fires used to cook food on a grill or barbeque or for personal warmth or entertainment.

10. The fire must be on a non-combustible surface such as gravel, sand or rock.

11. The fire must have a defined perimeter made of rock, metal or cement.

12. The fire must not be larger than one (1) meter in diameter and one-half (½) meter high.

Piled Material

13. The material must be in a single pile less than two (2) meters in diameter and less than two (2) meters high, unless otherwise approved by the chief fire official or designate.

14. The material must be at least ten (10) meters away from any flammable materials.