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Deer Management Information


Within the City of Kenora, feeding of wild animals is prohibited, this includes deer, in an effort to address the growing urban deer population. Please refer to the City of Kenora By-law Feeding of Animals 139-2008 and Amendment 51-2012.

In Kenora and likely elsewhere hunting is one of the more controversial of sporting activities and one where safety is an important consideration.

Kenora is situated in Wildlife Management Unit 7B.  In the Kenora area hunters can hunt for black bear, moose, whitetail deer, grouse, geese, ducks and wolf. Much of the hunting lands are road accessible and public property.   You can also hunt on some of the wilderness islands on Lake of the Woods. However, there are Open Season dates that must be strictly adhered while participating in a hunting sport and a licence is required to participate in these type activities.

City of Kenora Deer Hunt Information

Deer Hunt packages are available for archery hunting south of the bypass from September 1 until December 15.  Packages may be obtained by visiting City Hall at One Main Street South.

The Package includes a map, which shows the lands eligible for hunting, and the by-law amendment details.   Hunters are asked to complete an on-line survey at the end of the hunt.  Feedback and comments are important to the continuation of this program.

Please review the complete Amended Discharge of Firearms By-law 066-2016 and Ontario Hunting Regulations.

If property owners find a deer carcass on their property, not as a result of hunting rather death by predator or other natural causes, the carcass may be brought to the Transfer Station for disposal.  Tipping fees apply.

Hunting Rules and Etiquette

  • If you wish to hunt, you must have a licence valid for the species or group of  species you are hunting
  • Make certain you hunt only during open season dates.
  • Be sure your hunting licence is current.
  • You must carry your Outdoors Card, licence tag, any validation tags and any game seals with you while hunting.
  • Upon request, you must show these documents to a Conservation Officer.
  • Reminder: Licence validity or expiry dates do not indicate open season dates.

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