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By-laws & Enforcement


By-laws are local rules and regulations set out by Council. The City of Kenora has many municipal by-laws in place to keep our City beautiful and a desirable to place to live, work and play.

The following are the most common by-laws that affect our lives as residents of the City:

Other City by-laws can be found in the index or by contacting the Clerks Office at 807-467-2295.

Complaint Process

Should you wish to file a complaint regarding the violation of a municipal by-law, please contact By-law Enforcement at 807-467-2166 or on weekends at 807-467-2080. You must provide your name, address and contact number, and a description when filing a complaint. All complaints are kept confidential.

For Zoning By-law information, for example for yards, heights, area and permitted use requirements, please contact the Planning Division at 807-467-2292 or 807-467-2059