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The City of Kenora is a pet-friendly community. If your dog needs open space to play in, visit our leash-free areas within the city.

Keeping your dog on-leash respects all visitors to our parks and trails and keeps everyone safe and happy.

Stray Pets

The City of Kenora provides animal services for any stray dogs or cats found until safe return to the owner. If you have found a stray animal, please contact a By-law Enforcement Officer at 467-2166, with the following information:

  • your name, address, phone
  • where you found the animal
  • tag numbers, collars or tattoos (if any)
  • breed of animal
  • colour or any special identifying features
  • gender (if known)

Hours of Operation
City Hall Office Hours 8:30-4:30 pm
After hours 467-2080

The City of Kenora By-law to Regulate the Keeping of Animals sets out the licensing regulations and fees for the ownership of domestic dogs and cats in the City.

Dog Licence

If a dog is picked up by a By-law Enforcement Officer and is wearing a City of Kenora dog tag, it will be given a free ride home. In situations where the Officer attempts to deliver a dog home and the owner is not home, notification will be left and the dog will be brought to the pound. Pound fees are applicable to all impounded animals. The free ride home incentive will not apply to repeat offenders.

Get your dog licence today!


Contact Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry

Bearwise Reporting Hotline 1-866-514-2327 for non-emergency situations

Pet Adoptions

See the It’s A Dog’s Life Pet Adoption page or The Kenora Cat Shelter for more info and photos.

To Report a Lost or Found Pet

Check “Lost and Found” in the classifieds of The Daily Miner and News.  Place an ad for a lost pet — this ad space is generally offered free of charge as a community service.  Local radio stations have lost or found pet announcements daily.

Contacts Every Pet Owner Should Have

City of Kenora By-law Enforcement Phone: 807-467-2166Kenora Veterinary Clinic
305 Matheson Street South
Kenora, Ontario
Phone: 807-468-7441
OSPCA 1-888-668-7722It’s a Dog’s Life
Kenora, Ontario
Phone: 807-467-DOGS (3647)
Kenora Cat Shelter
Kenora, Ontario
Phone: 807-468-4648