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Strategic Plan

In 2015, the City of Kenora adopted a strategic plan to guide the City’s planning and direction over the following five years. Our Vision is 20/20, the City of Kenora’s Strategic Plan was developed through the input of over 1,800 residents, staff, elected officials, stakeholders, Indigenous communities, and other partners, which identified three overarching strategic goals: Economy, Foundations and People. With these goals in focus, a vision, a mission and corporate values were established.

Since adopting the Strategic Plan, the City of Kenora has made significant changes to the organization while focusing on new priorities and goals.  We are pleased to share progress the City is making; take a look at each year to see just how:

2015 Progress Report

2016 Progress Report 

2017 Progress Report

2018 Strategic Plan Progress Report

2019 Strategic Plan Progress Report


Strategic Plan Brochure Updated 2017 1