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Staff Directory


City of Kenora staff may be reached by email or phone during business hours – Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.   Staff will return messages as soon as possible to address your inquiry or direct you to the appropriate department.

For after-hours troubles, including water and sewer and animal control issues, please call 807-467-2080.

The City of Kenora Mayor or members of Council contact information is listed separately in Government.

Community Services

Manager of Community  Services Stace Gander 807-467-4655
Tourism and Recreation Services Division Lead Josh Nelson 807-467-2986
Community Program Liaison Casey Pyykka 807-467-2987
Head Lifeguard Crystal Stokes 807-467-2594
Parks & Facilities Division Lead James Tkachyk 807-467-2102
Parks & Facilities Division Lead Shaun Clifford 807-467-2181
Facilities Team Lead Aaron Eisler 807-467-2985
Matiowski Market/Special Events Coordinator Helena Devins 807-467-4637
Special Events Coordinator Morgan Seller 807-467-4638
Museum Director Lori Nelson 807-467-2105
Museum Community Engagement Officer Marcus Jeffrey 807-467-2105
Museum Educator Braden Murray 807-467-2105
Art Centre Curator Sophie Lavoie 807-467-2201
Art Centre Progammer Shelby Smith 807-467-2201

Development Services

Manager of Development Services Adam Smith 807-467-2192
Special Projects and Research Officer Kylie Hissa 807-467-2000
Economic Development Officer Megan Dokuchie 807-467-2127
Planner Kevan Sumner 807-467-2059
Planning Analyst Melissa Shaw 807-467-2292
Chief Building Official Kevin Robertson 807-467-2022
Deputy Chief Building Official Jeremy Smith 807-467-2020


Treasurer Charlotte Edie 807-467-2013
Deputy Treasurer Jonathon Ranger 807-467-2010
Municipal Accountant Michelle Saunders 807-467-2024
Accounts Payable Assistant Accountant Ashley McDonald 807-467-2011 
Accounts Receivable Assistant Accountant Katie Gilchrist 807-467-2012
Payroll/Benefits Officer Lorna Talocka 807-467-2032
Payroll/HR Assistant Jaret Ring 807-467-2161
Tax Collector Rachel Jaworowicz 807-467-2034

Council / Administration

Chief Administrative Officer Heather Pihulak, Acting CAO 807-467-2028
Manager of Administration/City Clerk Heather Pihulak 807-467-2295
Deputy Clerk/Customer Service Division Lead Kelly Galbraith 807-467-2289
Enforcement Division Lead Heather Lajeunesse 807-467-2164
Communications Clerk Kerri Holder 807-467-2191
Licensing Clerk Customer Service 807-467-2000

Human Resources

Manager of Human Resources Heather Pihulak, Acting HR 807-467-2152
Risk Management Loss Prevention Officer Bruce Graham 807-467-2145
Human Resources Advisor Hilary Smith 807-467-2017

Operations & Infrastructure

Manager of Operations & Infrastructure Jeff Hawley 807-467-2290
Municipal Engineer Marco Vogrig 807-467-2235
Project Engineer vacant 807-467-2236
Operations Support Tessa Sobiski 807-467-2291 
Water & Wastewater Division Lead vacant 807-467-2296
Water & Wastewater Team Lead Ray Lindquist 807-467-2149
Fleet Division Lead Jerry Derouard 807-467-2092
Roads Division Lead Roger Wilcott 807-467-2247 
Roads Team Lead Ian Downey 807-467-2030
Environmental Division Lead Mukesh Pokharel 807-467-2990

Fire and Emergency Services

Fire Chief Todd Skene 807-467-2107


C.E.O/Head Librarian Crystal Alcock 807-467-2083