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Special Public Meeting Notices


Public Meeting Notices

Media Protocols

Media who are interested in attending a Committee of the Whole or Council meeting are invited to review the following protocol.

Council Chambers – Information/Protocols for Media

Media Seating

Media have been provided with seating in Council Chambers, on the outer areas of the Council Chambers area along both north and south walls or in the gallery with the public.

Media are asked not to sit at the Managers table as this is reserved for staff only.

Council Agenda Materials/Handouts

The Clerk, or her designate,  will provide the media with any council agenda material that is to be distributed to media during the council meeting. The agenda will be located on the side of the staff (Mangers) table upon entrance to the Chambers. The media is welcome to take a copy of the agenda from this area. Resolution packages will be available upon request.

Chambers Protocol

While council is in session:

  • The ringing of cell phones is not permitted.
  • Conversations with councillors and staff seated at the tables, is not permitted.
  • The media is not permitted to ask questions or hold side interviews with anyone in the Chambers
  • The media must remain seated and wait until the session has ended and meeting officially closed by a member of Council before speaking to staff or Council
  • When Council closes a  meeting to go into a Closed session, the media has a maximum of 10 minutes to conduct their interviews which must be done outside the Chambers.


While council is in session:

  • Walking into the council area for the purposes of a photograph is permitted briefly to take a picture of a particular event, decision or vote. (For greater clarity, the council floor is the area where the members of council and staff sit and more particularly the floor that is directly in between the Councillor tables and directly in front of the Mayor.) The media must quickly take the photograph and return to his/her seat.
  • Videotaping must be pre-arranged with the Clerk prior to the meeting.
  • Audio recordings are permitted, however, we ask that you advise the Clerk in advance of the meeting the media you are recording for.

Interviewing of Councillors, Delegations, etc.

While council is in session:

  • All interviews are to be conducted in the hallway outside of the Council Chambers.
  • No interviews are to take place inside the Chambers as to disrupt Council