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Video Surveillance Policy

video surveillance

Video Surveillance in the City of Kenora

The City of Kenora uses video surveillance on City properties and within City facilities to ensure the safety of individuals and the security of City assets and property.

In the event of a reported or observed incident, the review of recorded information may be used to assist in the investigation of the incident. The City of Kenora recognizes that video surveillance technology has a high potential for infringing upon an individual’s right to privacy and although video surveillance technology may be required for legitimate operational purposes, the use of the system follows the provisions of the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (the Act).

The Video Surveillance Policy AF-1-3 provides guidelines designed to assist City Departments to manage records that may be created using this technology in a manner that complies with the Act and records management requirements.

There are signs which indicate the use of video surveillance systems displayed at the entrances, exterior walls, interiors of buildings, and/or perimeter of the video surveillance areas. The signs include required information about the use of video surveillance in the area.

The maps below indicate the locations of video surveillance within the City of Kenora boundaries.

Video Surveillence Locations Downtown

Video Surveillence Locations