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City Policies

Policies are developed with the Strategic Plan vision, mission, and goals in mind. Council accepts and approves the policies which guide management and staff in the operation of the Corporation of the City of Kenora. Current policies are categorized by function: City Council (CC), Corporate Services (CS), Emergency Services (ES), Human Resources (HR), Legislative Services (LS), Operations (OP), Property and Planning (PP), Recreational Services (RS) and can be found in the Policy Manual chart below.

Here are the most commonly asked for policies:

CC-6-1 Special Occasion Recognition Policy

CC-11-1 Flag Protocol Policy

CC-14-1 Boards Committees Appointments

CS-1-3 Video Surveillance Policy

LS-2-1 Special Occasions Permits

LS-3-1 Municipal Alcohol Policy

LS-9-1 Proclamations-Tag Days-Parade Policy

OP- 4-1 Winter Maintenance Policy

PP-4-1 Sale and Other Disposition of Land Policy

PP-6-2 Outdoor Commercial Patios

RS-1-1 Ice Allocation

RS-1-2 Prohibited Use of Alcohol and Smoking

Policy Manual