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Office of the Mayor


The Mayor is the Official Head of the City of Kenora, a position which represents the municipality and the interests of businesses and residents alike, as summarized below:

  • Represent the City of Kenora at meetings with representatives/officials of the federal, provincial and other municipal governments to explain/defend City of Kenora needs, proposed initiatives/projects and challenges, to influence and seek changes to programs, legislation, policies and plans which impact City of Kenora residents and to gain support and assistance with issues.
  • Act as Chief spokesperson for major initiatives involving the City of Kenora, represent the City at meetings with major associations and groups to promote the City and its initiatives.
  • Serve as the primary representative of the City with the media; giving interviews and defending and explaining issues/decisions as well as commenting on announcements/decisions from other levels of government which impact the community.
  • Respond to issues raised by business groups and business owners, facilitate meetings/discussions to resolve issues (e.g. contracts, development proposals, City services and projects impacting business) with City Managers/Staff and stakeholders.
  • Meet with citizens groups and individuals to develop an understanding of issues or problems with City services, proposals and projects; and facilitate the provision of the assistance by City Managers/staff in resolving and addressing unique or particular issues.
  • Participate in civic events to promote new ideas and programs to improve the community by attending meetings and delivering speeches and presentations.

His Worship Mayor Daniel Reynard