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Taxi Licence


The City of Kenora Taxi Licences are required to operate a taxi cab company (broker), to own a taxi cab vehicle or to be a taxi cab driver.

The City’s By-law to Licence and Regulate Taxi Cabs/Limousines and Drays operating within and from The City of Kenora has been put in place to ensure public health and safety, consumer protections and nuisance control; supporting the Guiding Principle of the City’s strategic plan to provide quality of life amenities and services for citizens and visitors. Passengers can feel confident that the taxi cab operations in the City are safe, clean and offer metered fares set by the City.

Applications and other requirements are available at City Hall from the Licensing Clerk. Annual fees vary depending on the type of licence required – Broker, Vehicle or Driver. As part of the Taxi Driver’s Licence application process, drivers are asked to provide a current criminal records check from the Ontario Provincial Police. Please note the application cannot be processed without the approved check.