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Dog Licence

The City of Kenora By-law to Regulate the Keeping of Animals sets out the licensing regulations and fees for the ownership of domestic dogs in the City.

The application for a City of Kenora Dog Licence is available at City Hall and at some local vendors.   The annual licence must be renewed by the dog owner by March 31 of every calendar year.

The benefit of purchasing a City of Kenora Dog Licence is that the licence number registration will ensure a quick and safe return of an escaped dog.

The fee assigned to the Dog Licence varies as follows:  Intact Male or Unspayed Female $50.00, Spayed or Neutered Dog $20.00 and a further reduction of $5.00 from those fees for proof of a microchip or tattoo.

The fees are established to offset the cost of the related enforcement and collection programs; the cost of administering and enforcing the associated regulations should be borne by the regulated trades and not the public at large through tax revenues.

As part of the application process, dog owners are asked to provide a copy of spay/neuter certificate and tattoo or chip numbers.  Without the proper documentation, a reduced rate for the licence will not be given.