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Business Licence

A Business Licence is required to operate a business in the City of Kenora, whether it be a home occupation, retail store front, or a booth at a special event.

The City’s Business Licensing By-laws are in place to promote public health and safety, consumer protection and nuisance control; supporting the Guiding Principle of the City’s strategic plan to explore and pursue new opportunities.

The application for a City of Kenora Business Licence is available at City Hall from the Licensing Clerk or in forms.   The completed application will be circulated to City departments for approval, which includes zoning, building inspection, and fire.   This review determines whether the type of business and location are in compliance with the By-law.

The fee assigned to the business licence depends on the type – resident, non-resident, peddler, special events.  The fees are established to offset the cost of the related enforcement and inspection programs; the cost of administering and enforcing the associated regulations should be borne by the regulated trades and not the public at large through tax revenues.  The licence is in effect from May 1st to April 30th the following year.

As part of the application process, new business owners are asked to provide a current criminal records check. The reason a criminal records check is required is to promote a safe and healthy community by filtering out harmful and questionable business practices.  The application for the check is available at City Hall; however, the local Ontario Provincial Police detachment will review the application, complete the check and collect the associated fee. We ask that you allow sufficient time to have this check done as business licence applications cannot be processed without the approved check.