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Indoor Soccer

Indoor SportsPlex Rates (+ applicable taxes)
Full Field Half Field
Rates Hourly (Resident)
Minor (17 yrs & under) $100 $50
Minor: Special Event $120 $60
Adult (18 yrs & older) $130 $65
Adult: Special Event $150 $75
Rates Hourly (Non-Resident)
Recreation $160 $80
Special Event $170 $85
Concession Rental /day $50
Lobby Rental /hr $50
  • School groups that wish to rent the facility during weekdays between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. for a minimum 4 hour block may be eligible to receive the rates at 50% off.
  • Rentals are on a first come, first served basis. Preference will be given to youth groups for prime times (Mon-Fri 4 p.m.- 8 p.m.) over adult groups.
  • Season booking should be done as early as possible to ensure consistent times
  • Contracts must be signed along with full payment in advance of all rentals
  • Groups must adhere to Rules and Regulations of facility or is subject to full cancellation and no refund

To book please contact Megan Derouard at 807-464-0941 or email

Indoor Facility Rules and Regulations

All participants and patrons must abide by these rules and regulations. Be advised that the SportsPlex staff have the right to refuse entry or remove any patron not abiding by these rules and regulations.

  • Only water is permitted on the field (no sports drinks). Sinks are located in washrooms and bottled water can be purchased at the vending machine. Beverages other than water will NOT be permitted on field level. Do not attempt to bring any other types of drinks on the field at anytime.
  • Only clean shoes that have not been worn outside are permitted on the turf, including bench areas. If your shoes require cleaning, please do that before arriving at the complex.
  • Indoor sports shoes or plastic moulded cleats will be permitted. No metal or screw in cleats are allowed.
  • Anyone fighting or being aggressive, abusive, and unsportsmanlike and/ or using inappropriate language will be removed from the complex.
  • No spitting! A first violation shall result in automatic ejection from the facility. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • No GUM, FOOD OR CANDY on the field.
  • No spectators on the field. Parents are allowed to assist their children in the dressing rooms but then must exit to main lobby or spectator area.
  • Do not go on the field until your scheduled rental time begins and be off the field before your rental time is done. You must warm-up during your scheduled rental time.
  • Throw away / recycle all trash & debris from bench area and dressing rooms when done.
  • All teams should have their own first aid kit at their bench.
  • The complex is not responsible for lost or damaged property.
  • Dressing rooms are scheduled on a rotating basis with other users in the complex. Secure your personal belongings by locking your dressing room. You will be allowed to enter your dressing room 30 minutes prior to your rental time and we ask that you exit within 30 minutes afterwards. Do not switch dressing rooms, stay in the room you are assigned to.
  • No alcohol is permitted anywhere in the complex.
  • No pets allowed inside the premises or anywhere in the building.
  • No smoking allowed inside the building.
  • No jewellery or hair pins
  • No person (whether or not participating in an activity) may pull, hang onto or harm any of the netting surrounding the turf fields.
  • Any person causing damage to the property of the Kenora SportsPlex shall be held accountable to reimburse the Kenora SportsPlex, in full, for all repair or replacement expenses arising from such conduct.
  • No person may pull or tug on, or otherwise remove or attempt to remove, turf fibres or grass from the turf fields.
  • Coaches/parents are responsible for the behaviour and conduct of all minors accompanying them to the Kenora SportsPlex, including respecting compliance with all rules and regulations of the Kenora SportsPlex.

ALLERGY ALERT: the field is composed of rubber so please alert anyone with latex or other allergies that may be irritated by the field.

If you have any question, please call 807-464-0941