Urban Deer Management Prevention and Personal Protection

City of Kenora Media Release June 3, 2020

This time of year the urban deer population grows as fawns are born on municipal property and in your yard. The City of Kenora reminds you to be aware of what you can do to prevent unpleasant experiences with deer and how we can work together to manage the deer population.

All wild animals, including deer, can present a danger to people. We are also seen as a danger to them especially in the spring when female deer or does are protective of their fawns, and when male deer or bucks are aggressive in fall mating season. It is best that you avoid deer during these periods and always give them plenty of space.

You may have an unpleasant or frightening experience while walking your dog. Both does and bucks see your dog as a potential predator and may try to stomp or gore them if provoked. If you come across the path of deer, you should:

  • Ensure your pet is under tight control and leashed
  • Give the deer space to move
  • Choose another path to walk around or away
  • Stay away from areas where deer are known to be

Together we can influence the population of urban deer. It is your responsibility not to feed the deer. It’s simple. Feeding deer encourages them to see your yard as a food source. It also brings them into dangerous places near streets and roads increasing the risk of collisions with vehicles. If the deer rely on the food inside the City, they won’t leave to forage naturally in the woods.

Enforcing the Prohibit Feeding Wildlife By-law is one way we can control the deer population. You cannot intentionally feed or make food available to wild animals, including deer, on any property in the City of Kenora. Any food that is purposely left for feeding deer may result in a penalty up to $300.

The fall archery hunt is another tool the City has in place to manage the urban deer population.  Hunters are able to harvest a deer south of the by-pass in bow hunting season under specific conditions.  If you are interested in participating in this hunt, details are posted on Kenora.ca / Deer Management Information.

By-law enforcement officers and City staff do not handle wildlife complaints; however they are willing to educate you on the terms of the two by-laws if needed.

If you feel in danger of an aggressive wild animal, call 911 or the OPP immediately.