Notice of Marine Work in Golf Course Bay

Wauzhushk Onigum Nation Water and Wastewater Systems Upgrade

Notice of Marine Work in Golf Course Bay

Makkinga Contractors has been contracted by the Wauzhushk Onigum Nation to provide improvements to their local infrastructure. The purpose of this work is to provide potable water to the residents of the Wauzhushk Onigum Nation.

During the installation of the new watermain between Devil’s Gap Marina and Coast Guard Dock; boaters are asked to use caution and watch for temporary buoys and construction activities while navigating through the bay.

Start Date: August 11, 2019
Completion Date: September 15, 2019

While there may be occasional delays, at no time will boaters be fully restricted from entering or exiting the bay. We will endeavour to minimize disruptions and delays during this time.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact our office as noted above. We again apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your patience and understanding.

Kristin Kapush

Site Contact: David Makkinga Project Manager 807-626-6811

Notice of Marine Work 07-30-2019

Council Makes Changes to Kenora Non Profit Housing Board Composition

Today, Kenora City Council made changes to the Board Composition of the Kenora Non Profit Housing Board.

Established in 1983, the Kenora Municipal Non Profit Housing Corporation (KMNPHC) provides affordable housing within the former limits of the Town of Kenora. It currently manages a portfolio of 206 living units in 61 separate buildings.

The Province has provided direction to municipalities to review services and business models to identify areas where improvements could be made. The City of Kenora is effectively in a housing crisis, with an estimated shortfall in housing of roughly 10% of the City’s existing housing stock.

The City has a current housing shortage and Council has provided administration direction to explore opportunities to increase the current housing portfolio within the City. Council has determined that opportunities for enabling change may exist within the Kenora Municipal Non Profit Housing Corporation.

City Council will take on the role of the KMNPHC Board for the purposes of receiving a review and the Kenora District Services Board (KDSB), as the Service Manager responsible for Social Housing in Kenora, will perform a review of the Kenora Municipal Non Profit Housing Corporation based on such parameters as deemed appropriate by the KDSB. As part of this process, a determination will be made as to whether or not the current structure and management is in the best interests of the ongoing operations, or if another structure should be considered.

During this Board structure change, and review there will be no change as far as the current operations in any of the 61 buildings that are managed by the Kenora Non Profit Housing Management.

Heather Kasprick, City Clerk/Communications Lead (807) 467-2295

Change of Recycle Collection Method

Please be advised effective August 1, 2019, the City of Kenora will no longer accept recycle items placed in plastic bags at curbside and the Transfer Station.

At curbside, all items must be placed loosely in a Blue Box, bin, tote, or other suitable container.  Items in a plastic bag will not be collected. Residents may find that bagged recycle items will be left behind with an attached note explaining the collection change. Residents are encouraged to flatten and crush items to create more room in the Blue Box. Multiple Blue Boxes may be used if needed.

All recycle items must be washed and cleaned before placing in the Blue Box or dropping off at the Transfer Station.

Cascade Recovery Inc., where Kenora’s recycle items are sent to be processed, has requested this change. Plastic bags get caught in the recycle processing equipment designed for loose material. The bags trap good items and increase the amount of comingle sent to the landfill instead of being recycled. The City of Kenora will be forced to pay a tipping fee to Cascade Recovery Inc. for any loads of comingle containing plastic bags or items that are not acceptable, or worse, lose the privilege to process recycle items at their facility.

The City appreciates your participation in the Blue Box program and all efforts to divert waste from the landfill.

OTF Grant for Kenora Rotary Splash Park Supports Playful Space for All Abilities

Rotary Splash Park Grand Opening July 6, 2019

Today, the Rotary Club of Kenora and City of Kenora welcomed members of the public to the Grand Opening of the Kenora Rotary Splash Park at Norman Park for a ribbon-cutting ceremony to mark the opening of the new splash park. Local MPP Greg Rickford congratulated the Rotary Club of Kenora and the City of Kenora on the project after receiving a $150,000 Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF) grant in 2018.

“This investment by the OTF to build a splash park here in Kenora will ensure that all families throughout the riding have access to the kind of fun that fosters friendships and builds community,” said Greg Rickford, MPP for Kenora—Rainy River. “The Kenora Rotary Splash Park will be a space accessible for all, and a place where lifelong memories will be made for years to come.”

“The impact of this Ontario Trillium Foundation grant cannot be underestimated,” said Deb LeMaistre, Chair of the Rotary Splash Park Committee. “This grant has helped us tremendously in reaching our goal of having the splash park completed for July 2019, the start of the Rotary Club of Kenora’s Centennial Year.”

Mayor Reynard shared the excitement of the completion of the splash park for Kenora. “We are happy to receive this funding to support the Rotary Club’s centennial project and see the project come to life. The splash park and Norman Park is another hub of recreational space in Kenora for all to enjoy.”

The Kenora Rotary Splash Park has been built in partnership with the City of Kenora, Northwestern Health Unit (NWHU) and Kenora Association for Community Living (KACL) to commemorate 100 years of service of the Rotary Club to the City and surrounding area. The Splash Park, featuring a lake life theme, is completely inclusive and accessible to all children with varying abilities and free for all to use. The partners are committed to the Kenora Splash Park project and celebrating that it is an accessible playground for all abilities. Donations can still be made to the Splash Park by visiting the website at: or email to or Facebook @RotarySplashPark.

The Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF) is an agency of the Government of Ontario, and one of Canada’s leading granting foundations. OTF awarded more than $120 million to some 700 projects last year to build healthy and vibrant communities in Ontario.

Quick Facts about the Rotary Splash Park Project:

• July 6, 2019 Grand Opening Celebration
• June 2019 concrete poured and splash park fixtures put in place
• July 16, 2018 ground breaking at future site of splash park
• July 12, 2018 final design plans released
• June 2018 contract awarded to Sierra Designs for construction of splash park
• May 2018 OTF grant $150,000 received
• July 19, 2015 local fundraising began with a community event at Norman Park
• January 2015 splash pad proposed as Rotary Centennial Project to Kenora Council
• December 2, 2014 The Rotary Club of Kenora votes to move forward with the Centennial Project, the building of a fully accessible splash park

Contact Information:
Deb LeMaistre, Kenora Rotary Splash Park Committee Chair

Supporting Links:
Ontario Trillium Foundation
Learn more about OTF’s Investment Strategy


Notice of Complete Application and Public Meeting D14-19-08

The Corporation of the City Of Kenora Notice of Complete Application and Public Meeting for a Zoning By-law Amendment, File Number D14-19-08
Planning Act, R.S.O 1990, c.P13, s. 34

Take Notice that Council of the Corporation of the City of Kenora will hold a Statutory Public Meeting, under Section 34 of the Planning Act, to consider a Zoning By-law Amendment as it pertains to Zoning By-law No. 101-2015, at the following time and location:

Statutory Public Meeting
When: Tuesday, August 6th, 2019 at 12:00 p.m.
Location: Council Chambers, City Hall, 1 Main Street South, Kenora, ON

The Council of the Corporation of the City of Kenora will then have the opportunity to consider a decision regarding the application during their regular meeting on Tuesday, August 13th, 2019 at 12:00 p.m.

You are also invited to attend The Kenora Planning Advisory Committee (PAC) regular meeting, who hears applications and considers recommendations to Council, commencing at the following time and location:

PAC Meeting
When: Tuesday, July 16th, 2019 at 6:00 p.m.
Location: Training Room, Operations Centre, 60 Fourteenth Street North, 2nd Floor, Kenora, ON

Location of Property: 915 Ottawa Street, Keewatin. Refer to the map below.

Purpose: to change the zoning from Institutional (I) to Residential Third Density (R3) with varied building access, reduced building setbacks, reduced required parking, reduced visitor parking, and reduced parking stall length per Table 4 of Sections 3.23.1, 3.23.2, and 3.23.4 of the Zoning By-law No. 101-2015.

Effect of Approval: to allow an existing building to apply for a change of use permit for an apartment dwelling containing six units, and having interior and exterior access; with legal non-complying building setbacks (4.3 m front yard, 0.6 m interior side yard, 8 m rear yard), and a total of 8 parking spaces on site. Five parking spaces will have reduced lengths of 5.36 m.

Public Meeting: Input on the proposed amendment is encouraged. You can provide input by speaking at the PAC or Statutory Public Meeting, and you are not required to register in advance to speak. You may also provide your comments in writing. If you are aware of any person interested in or affected by the application who has not received a copy of this notice you are requested to inform that person of this meeting.

If possible, written submissions are requested to be made before July 10th, 2019 and directed to:
Ms. Devon McCloskey, City Planner
60 Fourteenth Street North, 2nd Floor, Kenora, ON P9N 3X2

Failure To Make Oral Or Written Submission: If a person or public body does not make oral submissions at a public meeting or make written submissions to the Council of The Corporation of the City of Kenora before the by-law is passed:

a) the person or public body is not entitled to appeal the decision of the Council of The Corporation of the City of Kenora to the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal.
b) the person or public body may not be added as a party to the hearing of an appeal before the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal unless, in the opinion of the Tribunal, there are reasonable grounds to do so.

Appeal of a decision of the Municipality in respect of this amendment to the Zoning By-Law may be made by any person or public body not later than 20 days after notice of the decision is given.

Notice of Decision: If you wish to be notified of the decision of the Council of The Corporation of the City of Kenora in respect of the application for Zoning By-Law Amendment, you must make a written request to Heather Pihulak, Clerk of The Corporation of the City of Kenora at 1 Main Street South, Kenora, ON P9N 3X2

Additional Information is available during regular office hours at the Operations Centre. Please contact Devon McCloskey, City Planner, if you require more information: Tel: 807-467-2059 or Email:

Personal information that accompanies a submission will be collected under the authority of the Planning Act and may form part of the public record which may be released to the public.

Dated at the City of Kenora this 4th day of July, 2019

Map Location D14-19-08

Notice of Wastewater System Upgrade

Project Notice for the Wauzhushk Onigum Water and Wastewater Systems Upgrade

To Residents/Businesses

As a part of the Wauzhushk Onigum First Nation Water and Wastewater Systems Upgrade project, new water and wastewater infrastructure is being constructed to service the Wauzhushk Onigum First Nation. The wastewater will be conveyed via a lake crossing from Wauzhusk Onigum First Nation to Lakeside Crescent, where it will enter the existing wastewater system. As a result of the additional flow, the existing lift station at the intersection of Lakeside Crescent and 4th Avenue South within the City of Kenora will require upgrades to the pump, panel, genset, and associated piping and accessories. The upgrades to the existing lift station are planned under Schedule A+ of the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment and are pre-approved subject to public notification prior to implementation.

Works pertaining to the lift station are scheduled to be completed within the 2019 calendar year. The project requires that the contractor maintains operation of the wastewater system during the work to avoid service interruptions to connected residents/businesses. We have attempted to notify all potentially affected residents/businesses of the construction, but if you have tenants in the affected area please advise them of the planned construction.

If you have any questions, concerns, or wish to view the project documents, please contact Matt Fisher of JR Cousin Consultants Ltd. at 204-489-0474 during regular business hours or by email at

Project Notice for the Wauzhushk Onigum Water and Wastewater Systems Upgrade