Do 3 Things for Kenora

The City of Kenora has accepted the Do 3 Things challenge! Do 3 Things for Kenora focuses on our environment and relationship building with our First Nations.

1. Freecycle Days – The City will promote designated weekends when residents are encouraged to mark unwanted but still useful goods as “Free” and deposit them at the end of their driveway or in a non-obstructing place in a back lane. Owners would be responsible for retrieving or disposing of unclaimed goods after 6 p.m. on the last of each of the sets of the giveaway days. The dates will be advertised and guidelines will be shared which will encourage residents to check out and see what ‘good stuff’ they may wish to bring home. This will reduce the items going to the Transfer Station, and ultimately the landfill, and also allow residents to give away items they are not using.  Freecycle Days 2017 will be held Kenora-wide on May 13 and 14, and again on September 9 and 10.

2. Reuse Area – The Reuse Area next to the Recycle Depot at the Transfer Station is an exposed, uncovered open pad where items in good-to-excellent used condition can be left for others to pick up. The City will post pictures online of what items are in the Reuse Area for the public to see in case they wish to claim any of them. This is an inexpensive solution to ensure maximum turnover of items in the area and would also provide increased exposure helping to attract more attention to this Facility.

3. Relationship Building – The City is actively engaged in redeveloping First Nations partnerships and relationships. This includes flying the Treaty 3 flag on a permanent basis at City Hall.  The flag raising ceremony will be held on Aboriginal Day, June 21, 2017.   Also, and of importance, is re-initiating the discussions regarding Common Land Common Ground. This is a tract of land within the City that was turned over to the City to hold in trust while an agreement is developed between three First Nations communities, Grand Council Treaty #3 and the City of Kenora. The property known as Waa’ Say’ Gaa’ Bo’ (translated as Standing in the Shade) is a historic site for the three First Nation communities.

Everyone is encouraged to jump on board to Do 3 Things for Kenora. For inspiration, check out 3 Things for Calgary or 3 Things for Canada. Let’s see what each of us can do for our community THREE THINGS at a time!