Beaches, Parks & Trails

The City of Kenora,  along with consultants Scatliff + Miller + Murray Inc., would like to thank stakeholders, representatives of community organizations, and the public who contributed to the 2016 Kenora Beaches, Parks and Trails project plan through phone interviews, focussed meetings, and the public open house.

Strategic planning ensures that the City of Kenora is best positioned to secure funding,  from other levels of government, local organizations and community donors with shovel-ready projects such as those envisioned in the 2016 Kenora, Beaches Parks and Trails Plan.

The 2016 parks’ conceptual site plans support the City of Kenora Official Plan (2015) and City of Kenora Vision 20/20 Strategic Plan which both identify Kenora’s goals of becoming an “inclusive, sustainable, healthy, four-season lifestyle community with a healthy economy that welcomes all, and respects the Aboriginal peoples and traditions so that generations can thrive, prosper, and contribute to meaningful lives.” Particular focus was placed on the 2016 parks’ conceptual site designs to be fully accessible in order to create park spaces that are inclusive and which will provide equal opportunity for all ages and abilities as identified in ‘The City of Kenora 2014 – 2019 Accessibility Plan’ & ‘Ontarians with Disabilities Act’ (2005).

If you are interested in collaborating with the City of Kenora on one of the projects found within the 2016 Kenora Beaches, Parks & Trails Plan, please contact Andrew Glassco, Manager of Community and Development Services via email: