Water and Wastewater 2019 Works and Utility Information

Water and Wastewater Operations

The City of Kenora Water and Wastewater system is a self-sustaining utility, which is both complex and challenging to maintain.   The utility invested in major works in 2019, in addition to First Street South, Chipman Street, and Third Street South, to continue addressing the aging infrastructure.

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City Transit Struck By Train

The City transit was struck this morning at approximately 10:00 a.m. by a train at the Government Road intersection in Keewatin.

Thankfully, all passengers on the transit were uninjured and everyone is safe. First Student Canada operates the City Transit through a contract agreement with the City and the driver of the transit was a First Student employee.

The City is working closely with emergency services, First Student, and Canadian Pacific (CP) to ensure the safety of the passengers and will resume transit service as soon as possible.

There are no further details surrounding the incident at this time.