Schedule Set for the Frozen Fiesta Winter Carnival

The schedule of events is set for the 2019 Kenora Winter Carnival.

Frozen Fiesta themed activities are happening from March 1st to 3rd.

2019 Frozen Fiesta Carnival Schedule


Letter from Service Line Warranties Canada is Not a Scam

Residents of Kenora are receiving letters from Service Line Warranties of Canada offering optional water and sewer service line insurance.  This program is in partnership with the City of Kenora and is NOT a scam. Questions about the program details should be directed to SLWC at or call 1-866-922-9004.

This may answer some questions around the letter mailed out and optional program offered:

Why Did the City of Kenora Endorse This Program?
Many residents are not aware that buried water or sewer lines on their property are their responsibility. A broken or blocked water or sewer line can cost hundreds to repair or thousands if a replacement is necessary and many times residents are not prepared for this unexpected expense. Service Line Warranties of Canada (SLWC) not only works to educate residents but also provides a solution.

Why Did the City of Kenora Partner With A 3rd Party?
SLWC has been recognized as the trusted administrator of utility line plans endorsed by Local Authority Services (LAS). Service Line Warranties of Canada (SLWC) is an insurance company that works with the Local Authority Services (LAS), which was created by the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO).  They have been providing service line protection to residents across Canada since before 1996.  Many Cities today are using public/private partnerships and they have been successful in providing cost-effective services to citizens. Partnering with SLWC allows the City to have oversight of the program and ensure benefits for its residents.

Why is SLWC Using the City Logo?
SLWC’s partnership agreement with the City allows the company to use the logos in communications to indicate that there is a formal relationship in place and to let residents know that the offering is legitimate. All of the mailings SLWC sends to residents are first reviewed and approved by the City. All SLWC materials clearly state that the services the company offers are voluntary and that they are offered by SLWC, a private company that is separate from the City.

Can’t This Company Just Market On Their Own?
Unfortunately, the participation from customers is much lower without the trust instilled by the City’s brand. The City brand also conveys that the City is involved, overseeing the program, and choosing who will serve their residents best.

Do Residents Really Need This Coverage?
It is difficult to determine when a pipe may fail, with key contributors being the type of piping material, age of the service pipe, soil conditions and installation quality. Water line repairs can be costly–a replacement averages $2,500 nationally*–but the modest cost of an SLWC service plan is optional and up to the homeowner to decide based on their personal circumstances.
*Estimate based on national average repair costs within the SLWC network as of March 2018.

Do Residents Have to Enroll?
Residents are under no obligation to register for the program. It is optional, not mandatory.

What is the Cost to the City of Kenora for This Program?
There is NO cost to the City of Kenora. In fact, there is opportunity for the City of Kenora to earn 5% revenue on the number of residents who sign up for the warranty. The only costs borne by the City of Kenora was staff time to assist in preparing the mail out.

Did the City of Kenora Consider the Risks Involved?
Risk is considered with all decisions by the City of Kenora. The risk is minor for the City to partner with SLWC and endorse the warranty program for residents. The risk is mitigated by the full endorsement of LAS, and the City of Hamilton having just completed a three (3) year partnership, with a 97% homeowner satisfaction rate.

When Did the City Make the Decision to Engage with SLWC for This Program?
A report to Council was brought forward to the April 10, 2018 Committee of the Whole meeting and was approved by Council on April 17, 2018. The Agreement was signed for a three year term of marketing the program to Kenora residents.

What If I Have Questions or Concerns?
For more information, please contact Service Line Warranties Canada Customer Service directly at or call 1-866-922-9004. The City of Kenora staff cannot answer questions about the details of the program.

Service Line Protection Available for City of Kenora Homeowners

City Approves Warranty Service Line Program

City and Central Community Club Volunteers Announce Plans for New Central Community Club

Central Community Club Volunteers, in partnership with the City of Kenora, have solidified the drawings for the new Central Community Club building.

In the summer of 2018 the former Community Club building was demolished as it was beyond repair and in need of replacement. Community volunteers along with generous local contracting businesses demolished and removed the building and prepared the site for the new build.

The Community Club volunteers have worked hard to develop designs for a new building that is functional and will meet the needs of the community. As this initiative is community driven, volunteers have moved the process along as quickly as possible, however, it was not possible to have the preparation work done which includes soil compaction testing in the remainder of the building season once the building was demolished.

Volunteers are in the final stages of preparing for the new build and will be seeking community support for additional funding to complete the build. While the City has committed $100,000 to the new building, and some of our generous community clubs have also funded the project, additional funds will be required for the building to become a reality.

This project is evidence of the passion our residents have for our community and the generosity of the businesses and volunteers. These partnerships continue to move our community forward and make Kenora a great place to live. The City thanks our hard working volunteers who have given so much of their time to this project and look forward to the new build in the spring of 2019!

Tim Gosnell, Central Community Club Volunteer (807) 464-2006
Jeff VanWalleghem, Central Community Club Volunteer (807) 464-0375
Heather Pihulak, City Clerk/Communications Lead (807) 467-2295

Service Line Protection Available for City of Kenora Homeowners

City of Kenora residents will receive an introductory letter from Service Line Warranties of Canada (SLWC) in partnership with the City of Kenora offering an optional water and sewer line warranty program. The information on the protection plan will arrive in mailboxes the week of February 4, 2019.

The City of Kenora approved offering this protection plan in May of 2018, and has since worked with SLWC to create a program that meets the needs of our residents. SLWC was selected as the provider of the residential service line protection due to their track record of providing quality service to homeowners around the Country and here in Ontario. The City of Kenora will not incur any expense related to this program; the cost of the program is borne entirely by SLWC.

Homeowners who purchase one of the optional service plans will receive financial protection against repair costs and facilitated repairs using local area licensed and approved contractors. Many homeowners are unaware that damage to the service lines on their property is their responsibility to repair. SLWC repair plans provide homeowners with an optional peace of mind solution so they can be better prepared in the event of these unexpected repairs.

The SLWC Service Line Warranty Program protects against damage to pipes on homeowners’ property. Repairs to these pipes are not covered by basic homeowners insurance or by the City of Kenora. If a customer’s line is in need of repair, a simple call to the SLWC 24-hour hotline will dispatch a local, licensed contractor familiar with local code. There are no service fees or deductibles. Many factors contribute to the life expectancy of a service line including the age, type of piping material, soil conditions and installation quality – all factors which are covered through the SLWC protection program. This program is voluntary for residents and provided at no cost to the City of Kenora and no public funds are used to promote or administer the program.

“Our service plans not only cover the cost of the repair, they also provide homeowners with reputable, local contractors who will do the best possible job,” said Tom Rusin, CEO of SLWC parent HomeServe USA. “We’re thrilled to be partnering with the City of Kenora and look forward to the opportunity to provide the City of Kenora homeowners with the assistance they need when faced with a home repair emergency.”

More information about the program service plans from SLWC is available here:

About Service Line Warranties of Canada
Service Line Warranties of Canada (SLWC) is part of HomeServe USA Corp (HomeServe), a leading provider of home repair solutions serving over 3.5 million customers across the US and Canada. First launched in 2014, SLWC is the trusted source of utility line protection programs endorsed by the Local Authority Services. Together with HomeServe, SLWC is dedicated to supplying best-in-class repair plans and delivering superior customer service to consumers through over 475 leading city, municipal and utility partners across North America. The company is committed to customer service, ethical marketing practices and maintaining an A+ accredited rating with the Better Business Bureau. For questions about this service, or to enroll, please contact SLWC at 1-866-922-9004 or visit

Myles Meehan
HomeServe USA
Phone: 203-356-4259

Merrie Leininger
Hill+Knowlton Strategies for HomeServe USA
Phone: 775-846-0664

2019 ROMA Conference Draws Rural Leaders

2019 ROMA Conference Draws Rural Leaders
Focus on rural municipal priorities and needs

Kenora, ON – City of Kenora Councillors Chris VanWalleghem and Kirsi Ralko will join more than 1,000 rural municipal officials from across the province at the 2019 Rural Ontario Municipal Association (ROMA) Conference in Toronto from January 27 to 29.

This will be ROMA’s third standalone conference and is expected to be the largest to date. Coming six months after the change in provincial government, the conference focuses on the pressing challenges and emerging opportunities facing rural communities in Ontario. The Premier, as well as leaders of the NDP, Liberal and Green Party are scheduled to speak.

In addition to the conference program, municipal staff and officials will take part in more than 400 municipal delegation meetings with provincial and federal ministries to discuss local need and priorities.

Key session topics include cannabis legalization, changes to labour laws and energy. There will also be sessions related to planning and economic development. Program information is available online at These province-wide matters have local implications for our community.

Key priorities for the City of Kenora include:

• Affordable Housing
This has long been identified as a need in Kenora, not only to affect homelessness but to attract workers and compensate for demographic trends. Although funding allocations to the Kenora District Services Board (KDSB) under the Investment in Affordable Housing Program have increased in recent years, it is still inadequate to address an ageing stock and demand driven by out-migration from communities in the north.

• Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA) for Servicing Extensions
Currently, waste-water and storm sewer extension approvals are inconsistent with what is required of water servicing. An ECA can also take several months to obtain and is an expensive proposition and deterrent to developers as they will require additional engineering services. To facilitate development in an already challenging landscape, the City of Kenora is seeking that the ECA process for new waste-water and storm sewer connections be reformed.

Conference news releases, fact sheets and presentations from a number of key speakers will be posted on ROMA’s website throughout the duration of the conference at

ROMA takes pride in promoting, supporting and enhancing strong and effective rural governments. About 270 of Ontario’s 444 municipalities have populations of less than 10,000, while scores more are rural in character. The rural arm of the Association of Municipalities of Ontario, ROMA advocates for policies and programs that will help build thriving rural Ontario communities.

For more information about ROMA or the 2019 Conference, contact:
Brian Lambie, ROMA Media Contact, 416-729-5425,

Follow the conference on Twitter: @ROMA_Ont, Hashtag: #RuralMatters

Tourism Now Accepting Special Events Grant Applications

Special Events Grant Applications

Tourism Kenora is now accepting grant applications for Special Events Funding. Please contact Tourism Kenora at or stop at the Lake of the Woods Discovery Center for an application form. The deadline to submit an application is March 31st, 2019.
If you have any questions or concerns please contact Tourism at (807) 467-4637.

Tourism Grant Application 2019

Tourism Committee Looking for New Members

New Members Wanted The Tourism Committee is looking for new members. Please submit completed applications to by February 19, 2019. Tourism Committee Application 2019 fill and save

LOWDH Announces Approval of All Nations Hospital Project

January 15, 2019
Media Release

Lake of the Woods District Hospital Ministry Approves Planning of All Nations Hospital Project

We are very pleased to announce that the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC) has given approval to proceed with the first phase of planning for the All Nations Hospital project. The current hospital was first established in 1929, with six new additions constructed over time, and is in urgent need of replacement. Funding to support this extensive planning initiative was previously approved by the MOHLTC in 2017.

“We are truly excited to begin planning this long-awaited project that is so important for the communities and Indigenous Peoples we serve” remarked LWDH Board Chair Wendy Cuthbert. “We look forward to working with our partners, Indigenous Peoples, staff, physicians, Kenora and surrounding communities to ensure their ideas inform our new facility”.

The concept of an All Nations Hospital began when KCA Chiefs, Elders and health directors visited an All Nations Hospital model in Fort Qu’Appelle Saskatchewan in 2011 and developed a vision of having a similar model in Kenora. Knowing this could not be done alone, KCA Chiefs created partnerships and relationships with Governments, the North West LHIN, LWDH, Grand Council Treaty 3, City of Kenora, Municipality of Sioux Narrows/ Nestor Falls and the local All Nations Health Partners to advocate and push this vision forward. The timing was right as the LWDH wanted to plan for a new facility, so the partnership began. Chief Chris Skead on behalf of the KCA Chiefs remarked “Today is a proud day for all of us involved to announce we are beginning the planning process. This is proof that by working together in partnership we can achieve great things and make positive change in the health outcomes for everyone. We say Miigwetch to our Elders Council and Ogichidaa Francis Kavanaugh for all their support and leadership, and say Miigwetch and acknowledge all the hard work of the CEO, staff and the board of directors at the Lake of the Woods District Hospital”.

The first phase of planning will occur over the next 24 months and will be conducted in partnership between the Lake of the Woods District Hospital and the Kenora Chiefs Advisory. A project steering committee reporting to the Hospital Board will be established shortly to oversee the project. It will include representation from the Board, City of Kenora, Grand Council Treaty #3, Kenora Chiefs Advisory, Kenora Metis Council, the community, medical staff and hospital staff. This reflects the spirit of being inclusive, while respecting an All Nations approach, and the importance of the All Nations Hospital serving within the context of an All Nations health care system.

Public involvement coupled with partner and staff/physician insight will be essential in planning a modern campus that will meet needs, be culturally sensitive to Indigenous Peoples and values and be designed to improve health outcomes well into the future. It must also be planned in a manner that creates a healing environment for patients and a healthy work setting for staff, while demonstrating environmental stewardship. Once the project manager and planners have been recruited to support the project, extensive external consultation will begin within the Kenora Region with key stakeholders including Indigenous Peoples, municipalities, service partners, the North West LHIN and the general public. This will be augmented by knowledge gained from strongly-engaged service teams, including hospital staff, physicians and patients.

For further information please contact:
Ray Racette
President and CEO
(807) 468-9861 ext. 2241

Media Release – Planning of All Nations Hospital


Thunder Bay Hydro and Kenora Hydro Announce Merger

Thunder Bay Hydro and Kenora Hydro Announce Merger that will Improve Efficiency and Delivery for Customers in the North

THUNDER BAY, January 11, 2019 – It’s official: Effective January 1, 2019, Thunder Bay Hydro and Kenora Hydro have joined together in a merger. Announced today, the new combined company will be known as SYNERGY NORTH serving customers in both the Thunder Bay and

The merger to SYNERGY NORTH is set to significantly change and improve the electricity landscape in Northern Ontario; specifically for customers. SYNERGY NORTH establishes the ability to better serve customers through efficiency and with innovative customer service

SYNERGY NORTH will now service more than 56,000 residential and business customers in Northwestern Ontario. The new corporation will be led by former Thunder Bay Hydro Presidentand CEO, Robert Mace under the governance of one Board of Directors.

Says Robert Mace, President of SYNERGY NORTH; “The combination of the two local utilities significantly improves our ability to address the increasing demands of Ontario’s evolving electricity sector. As a single company, we are creating efficiencies that allow us to invest in
innovation, upgrade our distribution and service systems, and ultimately deliver more value to northern customers. By merging our resources, we are a stronger and more sustainable distribution company for the future.”

The new SYNERGY NORTH brand, which was developed by a local firm, will be seen by customers across the region in the coming months. Customers should expect to receive communications about their electricity accounts such as bills and notices from SYNERGY NORTH.

The name of the online bill payment system will also transition from MyAccount to MyEnergy, although customer login information including usernames and passwords will not change.

“In addition to the new name and look, customers in both communities will continue to receive a high level of service; and can expect to see some new amenities from our utility in the coming months. We are delighted to be leveraging the skills of local people and the experiences of two northern companies to build improved connections and customer relations,” continues Robert Mace.

“Our new tagline is ‘THE POWER OF THE NORTH’ – a proud statement that we are stronger and more competitive when we work together,” says Robert Mace.

For more information, visit


Stephanie Ash
Firedog Communications
Tel: (807) 767-4443
Cell: (807) 472-5276

Synergy North

E-billing Contest Results

E-Billing Contest Winner Selected

In March we launched the E-billing Contest to encourage residents to sign up for e-billing for water/sewer and hydro accounts.
Thank you to everyone who signed up. We had almost 700 people sign up!

The GRAND PRIZE winner was selected by using a random number selector, based on the assigned number on the online account spreadsheet. The winning number was 165, who turned out to be Nicole Harris-Delorme.  Nicole won $250 of City of Kenora merchandise and a historical tour of City Hall.


Christmas Public Swims and Skate Schedule

Holiday Swims and Skates

The Kenora Recreation Centre has planned a full schedule of holiday skating and swimming starting Sunday, December 23rd to keep families active over the Christmas break.

Triple P.L.A.Y has sponsored various swims and skates which means admission is FREE!  Check the schedule for those sponsored times.

Once again, the Kenora Rotary Club is hosting a FREE family fun evening on New Year’s Eve from 4 – 7 p.m.

Christmas Holiday Public Swims and Skates 2018