Deer Bow Hunt Packages Now Available

Hunters wishing to take part in the deer bow hunt may pick up the 2017 deer bow hunt package at City Hall or find it online in Deer Management Information.


Committee Members Required

Committee Members Required for the following:
1) Lake of the Woods Development Commission
2) Kenora Urban Trails Committee

City Council is seeking citizens who would be interested in serving as a member of the above two committees/boards.

The term of appointment is up to November 30, 2018 (at the pleasure of Council)

Lake of the Woods Development Commission – the ideal candidate should be passionate about our community through economic development and tourism initiatives, job creation, increased assessment and population growth. The Commission provides leadership and direction in developing a comprehensive economic development program with focus on attracting business development, while maintaining working relationships with government officials on the vision and direction of the Commission.

We are looking for dynamic people who will bring collaboration and leadership to the Board and are willing to work hard through innovation and creative leadership.

Experience in economic development, planning, business, economics or related field would be ideal.

Kenora Urban Trails Committee – the role is to develop, maintain and promote Kenora’s existing and proposed urban trails by working collaboratively with the Lake of the Woods Development Commission and other stakeholders. The Kenora Urban Trails Committee assists in creating a high quality, all season series of trails contributing to this area’s development as a premier destination, while connecting all areas of our community by a safe, off-road, multi-use trail system.

If you are passionate about your community and have an interest in one of these important boards/committees please submit application to:

Heather Kasprick, City Clerk
1 Main Street South
Kenora, ON P9N 3X2

On or before: Friday, September 29, 2017

Application Forms and a copy of the eligibility requirements are available at City Hall, Or a copy of the application form can be in Forms.

Register Now for Water Fit Classes

The Kenora Recreation Centre has released the waterfit schedule for September and October.  The schedule includes aquafit classes as well as BOGA mat 10 class sessions.  To register contact the Kenora Recreation Centre, 807-467-2087.


Park Street Lot Open

The Park Street lot is now open for long term parking and day use parking.

This is an excellent option for long term parking. Limited spots available for $56.50 per month ($50 plus HST). Contact City Hall 467-2000 to sign up.

It’s the perfect spot to park while shopping and exploring Second Street and all of downtown. NEW pay for parking time with VISA or MasterCard! Coins also accepted – $2, $1, quarters. Parking cost is $1 her hour.


Celebrating Kenora’s Hockey Day

We are still celebrating 2017 Scotiabank Hockey Day in Canada and the legacy it left for Kenora!

On September 12, 2017, Council approved to commit the surplus funds from the 2017 Scotiabank Hockey Day in Canada event in the amount of $42,593.76 to the future twinning of the Kenora Recreation Centre.

If the twinning project does not proceed before the end of 2020, the surplus funds will be donated to the Lake of the Woods Regional Community Foundation for an endowment fund for youth recreation activities in the City of Kenora.

Thank you Kenora for showing your passion for hockey and community spirit in support of this event!


Thank you Adopt-a-Block Volunteers

Council Approves 2016 Audited Consolidated Financial Statements for the City of Kenora

Today, Council approved the 2016 Audited Consolidated Financial Statements. The City received a clean audit report and is financially stable.

The 2016 financial statements continue to reflect the healthy financial position currently enjoyed by the City of Kenora. The City continues to work to recover from the economic impacts that have affected us so significantly over the past couple years and has taken steps towards addressing the current infrastructure deficit.

Highlights from the consolidated balance sheet include:

  • Cash and temporary investments on hand as at December 31, 2016 totalled $35.1 million;
  • Investment in government business enterprises totalled $9.8 million;
  • The Kenora Citizens’ Prosperity Trust Fund balance was $33.4 million at the end of 2016 on the consolidated balance sheet. The Trust Fund in fact has $41.6 million in investments. The difference arises because the City issued debentures to the Trust Fund to finance seven capital projects. The Canadian generally accepted accounting principles dictate that the Trust Fund be consolidated in the City of Kenora’s financial statements. As a result the investment in the Trust Fund and the corresponding debenture debt in the City are eliminated on consolidation. The debenture balance at year end is $8.2 million.
  • This Trust Fund was created in 2008 to safeguard the net proceeds from the sale of the KMTS Entities. The intent was to ensure there would be no impact to property taxes as a result of this sale. In order to offset lost net revenues as a result of the sale of the KMTS Entities, the City requires an annual return of $1.1 million in income from the Trust Fund. Any erosion of the balance of the Trust Fund will result in an additional burden on City taxpayers.
  • The balance of the City’s reserves and reserve funds was $30.1 million at the end of 2016.
  • The City’s accumulated surplus totals $226.7 million, (see tangible capital assets discussion below)

There was a significant change to the City’s financial statements in 2009. As of 2009, municipalities were required to implement tangible capital assets. As a result, the City’s statements now reflect assets never before included – things like roads, bridges, water and wastewater networks, and City facilities and equipment to name just a few. The offsetting net investment in these assets is shown as a surplus on the City’s balance sheet.

As a result of the Tangible Capital Asset implementation, the City’s surplus now includes the Tangible Capital Assets recorded at cost less accumulated amortization. At the end of 2016 the investment in capital assets included in the City’s surplus is $152.6 million.

The City is also pleased to present the consolidated audited financial statements as part of its Annual Report. This report will be available to the public for viewing, both on the City’s website (Finances and Budgets), as well as at the front desk at City Hall and the Library. This report has been developed to provide users with some additional information about the City in conjunction with the consolidated audited financial statements.

2016 Annual Report and Financial Statements Media Release

KRC Pool Reopened!

We’re excited to show off the new look at the Kenora Recreation Centre pool.   The Aquatic Facility opened on Tuesday September 5 after being closed for upgrades and maintenance all summer.   Those who hurry back to the water during the week of September 5 -8, 2017 will have a chance to win a 25 visit membership (no cash value, non negotiable) for the Kenora Recreation Centre.

Pick up a copy of the new pool schedule and watch for the Kenora Leisure Guide in your mailbox!  We have some new programs to showcase!

Fitness Seminar Offered for Fitness Leaders

Lake of the Woods Fitness Seminar is hosted by the Kenora Recreation Centre with the Manitoba Fitness Council for fitness leaders on Sunday, October 15, 2017 from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m. at the Kenora Recreation Centre.  Sessions include yoga flow, barbell training, incorporating the foam roller and compound vs. super sets.

Register by September 20, 2017 at 204-234-1245, or live registration.

Cost is $89.25

Lakeside Fitness Seminar 2017

Senior’s Symposium Registration Open

Registration to attend Age-Friendly Kenora’s Planning for Today & Tomorrow: A Senior’s Symposium is now open on Eventbrite , OR by contacting Mary Bawden at 807-464-0990/ OR Cindy Burnell at 807-548-5015 /  The symposium will take place on Friday September 22, 2017 at Seven Generations Manidoo Baawaatig, from 9:30 am until 4 pm.   Those interested in attending this free event are asked to register by September 15, 2017.

Poster Senior’s Symposium (3)

We’re Looking for A Main Street Christmas Tree

The City of Kenora is looking for tree donations for the 2017 Main Street Christmas Tree.  The tree must be triangular in shape, 20 foot maximum width,  30 foot plus in height, and no split tip (only 1 leader or crown).

Main Street Christmas Tree Dimensions

Main Street Christmas Tree Dimensions

Those interested in donating are asked to call the Operations and Infrastructure Department at 807-467-2291.