Tourism Kenora Explores Modified Matiowski Farmers’ Market Model for 2020

City of Kenora Media Release

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Matiowski Farmers’ Market will look a little different for 2020. Tourism Kenora has been in discussion with the local Northwestern Health Unit to explore a new market model and to plan for safe practices for the operation of the market.

The new market model will allow regional area food vendors to sell to the community this summer. We will host food vendors, with no merchandise or craft vendors, as recommended by provincial guidelines outlined by the Ontario government and Farmers’ Markets Ontario.

We have been working closely with the Northwestern Health Unit on health and safety measures for the operation of the market including vendor permits and procedures, traffic flow, capacity, physical distancing practices and other regulations that have been created by the Ontario government and Farmers’ Market Ontario. We will be undertaking the recommended measures to ensure the safety of both our patrons and vendors.

As in previous years, this proposed model for the Matiowski Farmers’ Market will be held under the Whitecap Pavilion with physical distancing guidelines in place; the health and safety of our community members is a priority.

The Matiowski Farmers’ Market proposed start date is July 8, 2020.

Please follow Tourism Kenora’s social media for updates on the practices and procedures you must follow when attending the market this season.

Helena Devins
Tourism Kenora
Matiowski Farmers’ Market Coordinator 

Matiowski Farmers’ Market logo

Safe Storage and Use of Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer, Controlling Flammable Vapours and Fire Risk

City of Kenora Media Release

Although using hand sanitizer is a good way to clean your hands to slow the spread of COVID-19, Kenora Fire and Emergency Services reminds you to be aware of proper storage and safe use of these flammable products. It is important that you read and follow directions and warnings on hand sanitizer product labels.

Alcohol-based hand sanitizer is flammable and may give off flammable vapours, which could ignite if exposed to open flame or an ignition source.

When using hand sanitizer, follow these safe use and storage tips:

• Keep containers in an upright position and properly sealed to avoid leakage;
• Containers should not be left in direct sunlight to avoid spillage or leakage from pressurization of the container;
• Keep away from open flames and sources of heat;
• Be especially careful if attempting to smoke, light candles, or use a gas stove immediately after applying hand sanitizer;
• When using hand sanitizer, hands should be rubbed together until they are completely dry; and
• Always read product labels carefully and follow the warnings and directions of use.

While reports have surfaced about hand sanitizer catching fire or spontaneously combusting from being kept in a hot vehicle, this is not accurate. The Office of the Fire Marshal (OFM) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) advise that the rate of vapour leakage from a personal container of hand sanitizer left in a hot vehicle does not result in enough vapours to cause concerns.

“There is a lot of misinformation out there about hand sanitizer self-combusting which is not true. However, it is very flammable and care must be taken when around open flame or other ignition sources,” says Fire Chief Todd Skene.

Please continue to stay home, wash your hands or use hand sanitizer, keep a physical distance of 2 metres from others, and most of all be fire safe always.

For more information, please contact Fire Station One at 807-467-2090.

Provincial Offences Update May 25, 2020

Important Notice

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, a provincial State of Emergency has been declared. Court operations are limited during this time.

Statutory timelines have been extended, including time to exercise your options on the Offence Notice (ticket).

All Provincial offences trials are being rescheduled. If you are a defendant, a notice of your new court date will be sent to you by mail to the address on file with the court.

If you were summoned to appear in court for a provincial offence during the State of Emergency, you do not need to attend, as the matter will be rescheduled.

If you have any questions about the scheduling of your Provincial Offences Act offence, please contact the Kenora Provincial Offences office at 807-467-2984 or

For further information please visit: .

City Reopens Select Outdoor Recreation Amenities

City of Kenora Media Release

The City of Kenora remains diligent in monitoring the COVID-19 situation. We continue to evaluate and follow all public health agency communications, as well as communications from Federal and Provincial Government health authorities. The health and well-being of our residents is of great importance.

The City has reviewed the amended Provincial Emergency Order of May 19, 2020 about re-opening outdoor recreational amenities with specific restrictions. Based on this information, the City has reopened the following:

• Benches and picnic tables in all areas;
• The skate park, basketball courts, tennis and pickle ball courts; and
• All municipal ball diamonds; however, organized baseball is still not permitted for groups larger than five (5) people. Dugouts will remain closed.

While using these outdoor recreational amenities, you must maintain physical distancing of at least two (2) metres from any other person, unless you are from the same household. Washroom facilities at some outdoor facilities will begin to be opened May 25th, and we encourage you to ensure you carry hand sanitizer.

Playgrounds, outdoor exercise equipment, the Splash Park, and beaches remain closed until further notice.

You are strongly urged to visit the City of Kenora website and Facebook page to read the posted guidelines and best practices for each recreation area.

Stace Gander
Community Services Manager

Beaches Remain Closed

Public Notice

Please be advised all City of Kenora beaches are closed and all washroom facilities will remain locked until further notice.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding as we continue to follow directives of the Provincial government during the pandemic.

Victoria Day Weekend Fire Safety

Media Release

UPDATE: City Wide Fire Ban Lifted May 15, 2020

As we approach Victoria Day holiday weekend, Kenora Fire and Emergency Services reminds residents that the Kenora region remains in a Restricted Fire Zone and our focus needs to be on fire safety.

While the Restricted Fire Zone is in place, there can be no outdoor burning of any kind, including fireworks. You can use a gas or fuel (propane) stove or BBQ for cooking or warmth as long as you are away from flammable material.

You must use extreme caution at all times. The Province of Ontario recommends to:

• be careful with anything that could start a fire;
• watch your propane or gas equipment carefully;
• smoke only when you are stationary, never while walking or working in the bush;
• make sure all matches or cigarettes are out before disposing of them.

“We are urging you to be fire safe in all activities you are planning for the first long weekend of the summer,” says Fire Chief Todd Skene. “With everyone practicing fire safety, we hope this will relieve excess pressure on emergency response services to answer calls to unintentionally set fires and other emergencies.”

You are encouraged to find fire safe creative ways to celebrate the unofficial start to the summer season. This may include watching fireworks videos, hanging LED lights, or purchasing glow sticks. Please continue to stay home, wash your hands often, and keep a physical distance of 2 metres from others.

For more information, please contact Fire Station One at 807-467-2090.

Operations Staff Shift Changes April 27, 2020

Public Notice

Please be advised that new shifts for the City Operations crews have started this week. This includes both our Roads and Sewer and Water crews. The crews will work seven days a week, from 7:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m.

You may notice equipment and trucks working in your neighbourhoods into the evenings and through the weekends.

Street sweeping will be done during these new hours rather than early morning. This means crews will have to work around and through traffic. Please be patient when approaching a street sweeper. Please note when ‘No Parking’ signs have been posted in your neighbourhood and obey them, to avoid being towed.

We thank you for your patience and cooperation as we continue to deliver services and get through these challenging times.


Household Hazardous Waste Depot Opening Postponed

Public Notice

Please be advised the opening of the Household Hazardous Waste Depot has been postponed until further notice to protect City staff and the community during the COVID-19 pandemic situation.

You should continue to store your household hazardous items until the depot re-opens. The safest way to dispose of hazardous waste is to use this depot. Do not put these products in the garbage.

We thank you for your understanding as we navigate through this difficult time.

Coney Island Recycle and Waste Collection Cancellation

Public Notice

Please be advised Coney Island recycle and waste collection has been cancelled until further notice to protect City staff and the community during the COVID-19 pandemic situation.

You may bring recycle and waste items to the Transfer Station located at 401 Mellick Avenue. Only garbage bags with attached bag tags are accepted at the Transfer Station. Recycle items can be deposited at the Recycle Depot free of charge. The Transfer Station is open every day, except holidays.

We thank you for your understanding as we navigate through this difficult time.

City Moves to Temporary Layoffs

City of Kenora Media Release April 21, 2020

Today, Mayor Daniel Reynard announced that the City is moving to temporary voluntary layoffs for staff deemed non-essential due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
With the extension of closures to non-essential business and the need for ongoing compliance and support including our part in protecting the public, the difficult decision needed to be made. Many of the significantly impacted areas are in the Community Services area including Recreation, Pool, and Arenas, Museum and Art Centre, Library and Tourism.

As a Council and Leadership Team, we have tried to balance the support of our employees to the greatest extent while continuing to be responsible to our taxpayers. The affected employees have continued to be paid since the facilities were closed in mid-March and were provided meaningful work within their departments while the closures took place. We had hoped to see a more rapid improvement to the pandemic but when the Emergency orders were extended, we recognized that we would need to move to layoffs of some staff. We have made efforts to find alternative work for those affected but there were some staff that could not be accommodated.

Mayor Reynard stressed that the layoffs are not a reflection of the employees work or their value to the City. This was not an easy decision for the City and not one that was made lightly. We recognize this is a difficult time for many, especially those who are now facing the reality of being temporarily without a job. “Every employee is an integral part of our team and the important services they deliver. We will continue to support our employees through our Employee Assistance Program and our HR Department.” States Mayor Daniel Reynard.

City Administration will continue to closely monitor the Provincial Emergency orders and respond as this pandemic evolves. The most important factor now is we continue to practice social distancing, only go out when absolutely necessary and keep safe distances from others. We are in this to minimize our impacts to our family, friends and coworkers so that we may return to enjoying our community we all love so much.

Traffic Flow Changes at the Recycle Depot

Public Notice

Please be advised changes have been made at the Transfer Station Recycle Depot to streamline traffic control and ensure physical distancing.

You now access the Recycle Depot through one entry/exit at the south entrance on Mellick Avenue.

There is a three (3) vehicle limit at one time in the area. You must wait for one of the three spaces to open up before approaching any of the bins. Delays and waiting periods can be expected.

You must follow physical distancing instructions to remain two (2) metres or six (6) feet away from others at all times.

Please consider using curbside recycle and waste collection service to eliminate going out to the Transfer Station.

We thank you for your continued cooperation as we continue to make changes to protect the public.

Kenora Fire Reminds Everyone to be Fire Safe During COVID-19 Pandemic

City of Kenora Media Release

Kenora Fire and Emergency Services is urging everyone not to forget about fire safety as they deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. As people find themselves spending more time at home for work, self-isolation, or practicing physical distancing, they should remember the importance of preventing home fires.

Along with other essential services, the fire department has had to implement safeguards and physical distancing protocols in the workplace. Residents of the City of Kenora are advised of the following changes to fire department services during the COVID-19 pandemic response:

• To protect first responders and minimize fire risk, a Restricted Fire Zone is in place for all of Ontario;
• A city wide Fire Ban is in affect and all City of Kenora Fire Burning Permits are suspended until further notice;
• There is no public access to all fire buildings;
• Regular fire inspections are not occurring at this time. If you have any fire inspection questions or other fire safety related inquiries please call Fire Station One at 807-467-2090.

Fire Chief Todd Skene is also urging the public to remain vigilant in the ongoing battle to prevent unintentional fires and injuries by practicing fire prevention and fire safety during these extraordinary times. “Regardless of the circumstances, additional time at home with family members provides an excellent opportunity to discuss fire safety and review your home fire escape plan,” said Fire Chief Skene.

Here are some simple things that people can do to protect themselves and their families:
• Test smoke and carbon monoxide alarms using the test button. If the alarm fails to sound, check and replace batteries if necessary. Make sure everyone knows the sound of the alarms.
• Develop or review your home fire escape plan to make sure everyone in the household knows what to do if a fire occurs. Make sure to designate someone to help older adults, children, and anyone else who may need help to escape.
• Use care when using and recharging electronic devices such as laptops, tablets, or mobile devices. Check electrical cords and charge cables to ensure they are in good condition. Don’t overload electrical circuits. Avoid placing electronics on soft surfaces like beds or upholstered furniture when recharging to avoid the risk of overheating.

As Kenora Fire continues to do our their best to protect the community under these extraordinary circumstances, it is imperative that the public does all that they can to practice fire safety in the home and take the necessary steps to protect themselves and their families from the risk of fire and carbon monoxide poisoning.

For more information about fire safety, please contact Kenora Fire at 807-467-2090.