Covering and Securing Loads to the Transfer Station

Public Notice

The Transfer Station is reminding its customers to ensure all garbage and recycle loads are covered and secured to prevent debris from falling, or sifting onto the road.

A large number of nails, screws, nuts, bolts, and sharp metal objects have been collected on a daily basis by City staff and local residents on the roads leading to the Transfer Station.

On your way to the Transfer Station, you can reduce the litter on the road by using a tarp big enough to cover the load and by tightly securing the load using tie down straps, rope, or netting.

Before leaving the Transfer Station, sweep out and remove all loose material left in your truck bed or trailer.

An unsecured load is illegal and very dangerous for everyone. Properly containing the load reduces unwanted litter and may prevent injuries or damage to property.

We appreciate your cooperation to keep the roads safe and clean.

Cover and Secure Loads July 2020