Victoria Day Weekend Fire Safety

Media Release

UPDATE: City Wide Fire Ban Lifted May 15, 2020

As we approach Victoria Day holiday weekend, Kenora Fire and Emergency Services reminds residents that the Kenora region remains in a Restricted Fire Zone and our focus needs to be on fire safety.

While the Restricted Fire Zone is in place, there can be no outdoor burning of any kind, including fireworks. You can use a gas or fuel (propane) stove or BBQ for cooking or warmth as long as you are away from flammable material.

You must use extreme caution at all times. The Province of Ontario recommends to:

• be careful with anything that could start a fire;
• watch your propane or gas equipment carefully;
• smoke only when you are stationary, never while walking or working in the bush;
• make sure all matches or cigarettes are out before disposing of them.

“We are urging you to be fire safe in all activities you are planning for the first long weekend of the summer,” says Fire Chief Todd Skene. “With everyone practicing fire safety, we hope this will relieve excess pressure on emergency response services to answer calls to unintentionally set fires and other emergencies.”

You are encouraged to find fire safe creative ways to celebrate the unofficial start to the summer season. This may include watching fireworks videos, hanging LED lights, or purchasing glow sticks. Please continue to stay home, wash your hands often, and keep a physical distance of 2 metres from others.

For more information, please contact Fire Station One at 807-467-2090.