Tender Submissions and Openings March 16, 2020

Public Notice

Please be advised Tender and Request for Proposal (RFP) submissions will still be received/accepted while City buildings are closed until further notice. The deadline for tender submissions remains and documents may be submitted via the drop box located at the front door entrance at City Hall, One Main Street South.  The drop box will be checked on an hourly basis during this time and submissions will be date stamped upon receipt.

Online tenders will also be accepted on a temporary basis during this period by emailing the City Clerk at hpihulak@kenora.ca. The Clerk will confirm receipt and provide an email confirmation back to the sender.  Senders should ensure this confirmation email is received to ensure that the tender has been received on time by the City.

The Tender opening process will continue as scheduled; however, there will no be public openings. All openings will be witnessed and recorded at City Hall by a minimum of two City staff.   Tender results will be posted online under http://kenora.ca/government/tenders-request-for-proposals/ immediately following the tender openings.  Members of the public may access the results of these tender openings within one hour of the opening.

Successful bidders will be contacted as soon as possible by the lead staff person.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation during this time.

Tenders and Request For Proposals